Brian Fung

This one Supreme Court decision could upend the future of TV. Here’s what you need to know.

[Commentary] With June ticking away, the Supreme Court still has a handful of tech-related cases to decide. One is a case about software patents that could change the way businesses protect their intellectual property.

AT&T claims ‘strong’ net neutrality would actually ruin the Internet. That’s a big leap.

[Commentary] Advocates of an open Internet have for weeks been urging the Federal Communications Commission to re-label broadband as a utility -- a move toward "strong" network neutrality that would give the FCC much greater authority to ban contr

The ACLU’s latest lawsuit on warrantless cellphone tracking has hit a dead end

Earlier in June, the American Civil Liberties Union sued a local police department over the warrantless use of cellphone tracking devices, demanding that officials in Sarasota (FL), hand over court documents concerning the practice.

Democrats unveil legislation forcing the FCC to ban Internet fast lanes

Democratic lawmakers will unveil a piece of bicameral legislation that would force the Federal Communications Commission to ban fast lanes on the Internet.

15 questions for Tim Wu, the net neutrality scholar who’s running for NY lieutenant governor

A Q&A with Tim Wu, law professor at Columbia University, who is running for New York lieutenant governor.

On running for office, Wu said: “I believe in open democracy as much as I believe in an open Internet."

Eric Cantor was a friend of the NSA. The guy who beat him hates it.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's stunning defeat in the Virginia primaries had pundits and policy wonks signing the death certificate for immigration reform.

Netflix: We’ll drop the anti-Verizon error messages. For now.

Netflix says it will stop pinning the blame for laggy streaming speeds on Verizon and other Internet providers, potentially putting an end to a weeklong dispute between broadband companies and the streaming video service.

Verizon to Netflix: Here’s a cease-and-desist letter. Can you hear me now?

Verizon is threatening to sue Netflix in the latest tit-for-tat between the companies over a controversial error message some Netflix subscribers have been seeing.

Why Sprint wants to buy T-Mobile so badly

You may have heard Sprint is edging closer to an acquisition of T-Mobile. What's this all about, and how does it affect people like you and me?

The one thing Netflix and Verizon can agree on when it comes to the open Internet

If you've been following the debate about network neutrality, you know that federal regulators have proposed some pretty controversial rules for the Web.