Brian Fung

FCC: Over 1 million comments have now been filed on net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission says more than 1 million people have now submitted comments on network neutrality.

What a terrible Comcast rep can teach regulators about the Time Warner Cable merger

[Commentary] A Comcast customer service call from hell highlights something that isn't as easily quantified by cold, hard economic analysis.

Google’s back-door approach to Internet policy

Google isn't exactly sitting on its hands in the network neutrality debate. It's taking a more oblique approach to the Washington game -- like speaking through industry groups.

No, Aereo isn’t really claiming to be a true cable company

In an effort to survive, Aereo's throwing everything against the wall and hoping something -- anything -- sticks. Its latest tactic?

The Senate has advanced a bill to legalize cell phone unlocking

We're one step closer to a world where it's no longer a huge chore to take your existing cell phone to another network.

Calling 911 from your cell phone in DC? Good luck getting first-responders to find you.

Over a six-month period in 2013, Washington (DC) data show, calls to 911 were easily narrowed down to a general geographic area covered by a single cell tower.

Sen Al Franken accuses AT&T of ‘skirting’ net neutrality rules

One of the most vocal skeptics of industry consolidation, Sen Al Franken (D-MN) hasn't pulled any punches when it comes to the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable -- a deal that would give Comcast control over roughly 30 percent

The journal that published Facebook’s psychological study is raising a red flag about it

Facebook's newsfeed study isn't just controversial among Internet users and academics, it turns out. Now, even the journal that published Facebook's research says it has reservations about having done so.

Urban libraries say they’re getting shortchanged in a battle for Wi-Fi funding

As far too many of us have learned as a result of the recession, the public library is often the only place where out-of-work Americans can go to apply for jobs and unemployment benefits online.

T-Mobile’s all-caps, exclamation-filled response to the FTC’s billing accusations

You would think a company that had just been accused of breaking the law would keep a low profile. But if we've learned anything about John Legere, the fiery chief executive of T-Mobile, it's that he doesn't do low-profile.