Brian Fung

Ready for Hillary's latest tech mines your relationship data

Ready for Hillary, the super political action committee that's laying the groundwork for a potential Hillary Clinton run in 2016, is testing software to determine whether data about social ties can help identify likely grassroots leaders and new s

This Republican wants to keep the FTC from regulating data security

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) thinks the Federal Trade Commission shouldn't be allowed to sue companies for breaches of customer data using its main legal authority.

Tech companies’ diversity problems are even worse at the leadership level

Data show that there's a big gap between the executives at the top of the tech pyramid and those who actually make the machines go.

Behind Comcast’s truthy ad campaign for net neutrality

[Commentary] Comcast has been engaged in a public relations battle lately to convince policymakers and the public that it is all in favor of network neutrality, or the idea that Internet traffic should be treated equally by Internet service provid

ISPs are spending less on their networks as they make more money off them

It turns out that, as a percentage of the money they pull in, Internet service providers (ISPs) have generally spent less on infrastructure over time -- from a high of 37 percent of revenue in some cases to a low of around 12 percent more recently

No human has ever been to Mars. But NASA wants to put commercial satellites there.

NASA is investigating ways to put commercial satellites into the planet's orbit.

FCC: Over 1 million comments have now been filed on net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission says more than 1 million people have now submitted comments on network neutrality.

What a terrible Comcast rep can teach regulators about the Time Warner Cable merger

[Commentary] A Comcast customer service call from hell highlights something that isn't as easily quantified by cold, hard economic analysis.

Google’s back-door approach to Internet policy

Google isn't exactly sitting on its hands in the network neutrality debate. It's taking a more oblique approach to the Washington game -- like speaking through industry groups.

No, Aereo isn’t really claiming to be a true cable company

In an effort to survive, Aereo's throwing everything against the wall and hoping something -- anything -- sticks. Its latest tactic?