Brian Fung

Why the economics of the Internet look totally different in North America

[Commentary] The interconnection market might be complicated and opaque to most of us, but it's a vital part of our Internet experience.

What New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and others want from the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

From New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to cable advertising firms to state public service commissions, there are those who believe that the Federal Communications Commission should impose stronger merger conditions on Comcast and Time Warner.

A top net neutrality defender is trying to poke holes in Mozilla’s plan for the open Internet

[Commentary] Leading network neutrality proponent Barbara van Schewick, a Stanford University law scholar, pointed out three tiny words that threaten to undermine Mozilla's proposal to heavily regulate the relationship between Internet service pro

The real world is undermining Silicon Valley’s apolitical fantasyland

[Commentary] Like Hollywood, Silicon Valley has an idea of how politics works. And that idea is generally wrong.

Why the Congressional Black Caucus is urging the FCC to save the sports blackout rule

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus want to save a controversial rule whose critics say makes it impossible for sports fans to watch their local teams.

Aereo’s on the ropes, and now broadcasters are trying for a knockout punch

Aereo's just waiting for a court to determine if it'll be allowed to make a backup legal argument for its survival -- but television broadcasters are determined to shut that effort down before it even gets started.

Why are Telegraph stories about the ‘right to be forgotten’ disappearing from the Internet?

Google and a British newspaper are currently embroiled in a confusing cycle of link deletion and reporting on said deletions, which has led to still more deletions.

First New York, now California: State regulators vow to examine Comcast-TWC merger

California's public utility commission published a memo laying out questions for Comcast as part of a merger review, adding California to the number of states looking critically at the merger from New York up to two.

How Congress could actually wind up saving Aereo

[Commentary] A sliver of light may have just appeared at the end of Aereo's long legal tunnel. A Senate proposal is aiming to rewrite the economics of TV.

What if you could pick and choose which broadcast TV channels you get?

Two of the most powerful senators in Washington have an idea that could change the economics of TV for good.