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What to Watch
Leaders and innovators sound off on communications trends important to the nonprofit sector

Foundation Center: Nonprofits and Technology Month
September was Nonprofits and Technology Month at the Foundation Center. They have compiled reading lists, classroom tutorials and interviews with nonprofit technology leaders and funders.

More than Bit Players: How Information Technology Will Change the Ways Nonprofits and Foundations Work and Thrive in the Information Age
In the wake of the collapse, and especially in the aftermath of the failure of several leading ephilanthropy enterprises, nonprofits and the foundations that support them have become wary of the Internet. But, according to the Surdna Foundation, this is no time for nonprofits to abandon strategies intended to harness opportunities created by the networked economy. Andrew Blau, technology and policy expert and former program director at the Benton Foundation, identifies the fundamental dynamics of the networked economy and offers strategies for foundations and nonprofits to adapt to these dynamics.

What Else to Watch

Communications Technology Funding Trends
We're frequently asked, "How do I fund technology?" Our site is aimed at helping you see how communications technology can and must be incorporated into your overall operations to better advance your mission. This section looks at current trends in funding for communications efforts.

Nonprofit Internet Use
What do we know about the state of nonprofit use of communications technology, and its impact on supporting mission? Find here the latest thinking on these and related topics.

Online Fundraising
Many organizations hope that an Internet presence will bring them new dollars through the click of a "donate now" button. Find out what's really needed to bring new dollars through your Web site.

As electronic commerce becomes a larger part of the U.S. and world economies, nonprofit oragnizations must become knowledgeable participants. E-commerce may offer important vehicles for nonprofits to become more self-sustainable and more effective in advancing and communicating their objectives.

Digital Divide
Despite what current politicians and corporations say, the digital divide continues. Not just about the number of computers in homes and number of Internet users; the digital divide is also about capacity building and effective use of the technology to advance mission and serve communities.

Policies that Impact Nonprofits
While you're busy focusing on delivering service or advocating for social change, decision makers around the country-- whether in Congress or at the board room-- are setting policy that may impact your success. Let us help you track nonprofit-related policy issues.

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