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Reach Your Audience
A perfect message is nothing if it doesn't reach your target audience.

For inspiration, read these stories and lessons learned by other nonprofits doing marketing and outreach.

Environmental Defense: From Brochureware to Actionware
As one of the earliest adopters of Internet technology in both the nonprofit and environmental activism sectors, Environmental Defense has many lessons to share. Learn from their challenges and successes in this interview conducted by Michael Stein.

Using the Internet to End Domestic Violence
The Family Violence Prevention Fund uses the Internet for outreach, fundraising, and advocacy in pursuit of their mission to end domestic violence.

Smart Strategies: CARAL Chooses the Internet
This interview with the California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (CARAL) reads like a model "how-to" guide to nonprofit communications on the Internet. Learn how CARAL uses its Web sites and e-mail to collect donations, encourage activism, and communicate with supporters as they fight to defend a woman's right to choose.

Using the Internet to Deliver Technical Assistance
In this profile, a representative of Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) shares how this national nonprofit has harnessed Internet technology to deliver technical assistance to its constituency.

The Impact of Internet Technology on Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Francisco and the Peninsula
From online giving to newsletters to discussion boards, BBBS has tried it all! Michael Stein interviewed them about what BBBS learned developing their own Internet strategy.

Moyers and Outreach: Lightning In The Sky: A Call To Confront Death
Learn about the successful nationwide outreach campaign for the program On Our Own Terms: Death and Dying by Bill Moyers and the Public Broadcasting Corporation. Utilizing a coalition of nonprofit organizations from across the country, as well as outreach via all media, PBS was successfully able to reach their audience and increase viewership of the program. Although a national campaign, the lessons learned from this outreach effort can be translated to local initiatives as well.

Online Discussion: Targeting Your Audience
Read first hand accounts of how nonprofits are reaching their audiences in this online discussion hosted by Benton and in January 2001.

What to Watch:
These articles address audience-related trends in communications.

Contributor Relationship Management
In this article, Shirley Sexton recognizes the importance of building relationships with your current and potential contributors with a special focus on doing so via the Internet.

Nonprofits and the Internet: Creating An Effective Online Presence
In this brief article, Internet consultant Michael Stein outlines methods for making the most of your organization's Web presence.

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