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Put it to Work
How nonprofits are making a difference through communications

Once you've thought through and created your communications plan, it's time to put it into motion. The resources and profiles here look at specific areas that often best reflect strategic communications in the digital age. Use them to help refine your planning, get ideas for you own activities, and see communications in the digital age in action.

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Advocacy organizations have found the Internet to be particularly effective in communicating issues, educating the public, and inspiring people to act. Here you'll find stories about nonprofit advocacy activities with strong technology components. You'll also find additional resources to help you think about and implement powerful advocacy campaigns.

Community Building
Companies budget huge sums to perfect strategies to create loyal consumers. In a nonprofit context, the "customer" takes the form of a constituent, advocate, grantee, funder, member, board member, or citizen. And the stakes are higher because usually the nonprofit's goal is to sell not a product, but a mission. In this context, building community can be a powerful tool. Visit Community Building to find resources for planning, building and nurturing a community around your mission.

In this time of competing demands for resources, nonprofits are discovering the value (and challenges) of forming partnerships to advance their missions. See how libraries and museums are partnering with public television or how community health organizations are teaming up with public radio. Visit Partnerships to find stories and resources for building better partnerships.

Reach Your Audience
A perfect message is nothing if it doesn't reach your target audience. The tools and resources in this area can help you conduct effective outreach campaigns to the people you really want to hear your message.

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