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Benton Foundation Papers on Universal Service

Losing Ground Bit by Bit: Low-Income Communities in the Information Age This report looks at the barriers (beyond just income) that are slowing the spread of new technology in low-income communities.

The New Definition of Universal Service
And The Role for Public Interest Advocates to Make Federal Telecommunications Policy Work in Your State
Kevin Taglang, Benton Foundation

The Next Generation of Universal Service: Discounts for Schools and Libraries
Kevin Taglang, Benton Foundation

The Next Generation of Universal Service: Recommendations of the Joint Board on Universal Service
Kevin Taglang, Benton Foundation

Universal Service: A Historical Perspective and Policies for the 21st Century Mark Cooper

Public Interest Advocates, Universal Service and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Kevin Taglang, Benton Foundation

NetTrans Accounts: Reforming the Financial Support Structure for Universal Service in Telecommunications Eli M. Noam

The Rural Challenge: Changing Requirements and Policy Options Heather Hudson

Universal Service: Policy Options for the Future Susan G. Hadden

Recovering Network Subsidies without Distortion Michael A. Einhorn

Funding the Public Telecommunications Infrastructure Bruce L. Egan & Steven Wildman

"Universal Service in Context: a Multidisciplinary Perspective" New York Law School Conference

Breaking the Bottleneck and Sharing the Wealth: A Perspective on Universal Service Policy in an Era of Local Competition Robert K. Lock, Jr.

A Framework for Managing Telecommunications Deregulation While Meeting Universal Service Goals Barbara A. Cherry, Steven S. Wildman

An Outline for Organizing Universal Service Proposals Marlin Blizinsky

Universal Service: The Stakeholder Response James C. Smith

Remarks of Dr. Michael D. Pelcovits--Stakeholder Response Dr. Michael D. Pelcovits

The Social Architecture of Community Computing Allen W. Batteau

The Local Government Perspective: Can the Harmonica Play in the Symphony? Brenda J. Trainor Manager, Regional Telecommunications Clark County, Nevada

Transcending Access Toward a New Universal Service Jorge Reina Schement, Rebecca R. Pressman, Laurance Povich

Universal Service in Vermont Peter Bluhm

Universal Service: Prosaic Motives and Great Ideals Harmeet Sawhney

New Definitions

"Universal service" and the new Telecommunications Act: Mythology Made Law Milton Mueller

NTIA Conference on the Future of the Net Ronda Hauben
Summarizes the 1994 NTIA online Conference held by the U.S. government and presents the discussion and reasons presented as to why there is a need for universal access to email, Usenet and a text based browser. Also presents prototype for public policy hearings.

Universal Access to E-Mail RAND

The Federal Government

Falling Through The Net: A Survey of the "Have Nots" in Rural and Urban America. NTIA

The Global Information Infrastructure: Agenda For Cooperation NTIA

Competition Is The Key Reed Hundt FCC Chairman

Federal Communications Law Journal published by the Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington and the Federal Communications Bar Association

The States

Universal Service to Universal Access
Contracted by the State of Arizona, Governor's Office of Telecommunications Policy, this paper examines the evolution of Universal Service, describes existing and federal state universal service mechanisms, and charts the future of universal access to new applications and infrastructure, with some light policy recommendations. Designed to be an information tool for policy makers who are not necessarily technologist.

Universal Service in Vermont Peter Bluhm


Europe and the Global Information Society Recommendations to the European Council (PDF Format)

Green Paper on Telecommunications Policy in South Africa

Access and Universal Service on the Information Highway
The Canadian government has stated that its Information Highway (IH) strategy will be based on three policy objectives to create jobs through innovation and investment; to reinforce Canadian sovereignty and cultural identity; and to ensure universal access at affordable cost.

Defining and Maintaining Universal Access to Basic Network Services: Canadian Experiences in an International Context The purpose of this research is to compare Canadian approaches to defining and achieving universal access to basic telecommunications services with that of other countries and international bodies.

Vulnerable Communities

Latinos in the Age of Information

Latinos & Technology

Market Perspectives