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Interim Chairman of Telecommunications Development Fund Announced

Interim Chairman of Telecommunications
Development Fund Announced

Chairman Reed Hundt Announced appointment of Solomon Trujillo, President and Chief Executive Officer of US WEST Communications Group, as Interim Chairman of the Telecommunications Development Fund on March 8, 1996

Congress created the Fund through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to promote access to capital for small communications businesses, stimulate economic growth, innovation and technological development, and close the gap between the information haves and have nots by increasing access to communications and information services. "I commend Congressional leadership and in particular Congressman Edolphus Towns of New York, the principal legislative sponsor of the Fund, for their vision. All Americans will benefit from the innovations and services small businesses will develop as a result of the Fund's assistance," said FCC Chairman Hundt.

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Trujillo was President and CEO of the US WEST Marketing Resources Group. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of US WEST Communications' Small Business Group, serving nearly 800,000 small business customers in 14 states. Mr. Trujillo has extensive experience in finance, public policy, marketing and sales, areas crucial to the success of the small businesses the Fund will assist. Governors of the States of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico have appointed Mr. Trujillo to serve on economic development and educational commissions. He serves as Chairman of the Tomas Rivera Center at Claremont College in California, which recently published a study on Latino and African-American access to computers at work, school and in the home. Among other activities, he is a trustee of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies and serves on Board of the Dayton Hudson Corporation and the US WEST Foundation.

Of Mr. Trujillo's appointment, FCC Chairman Hundt said, "Sol's experience with finance issues affecting small and large businesses, combined with his commitment to fostering economic development will be a tremendous asset to the Telecommunications Development Fund and the entrepreneurs it will serve. I am thrilled by the energy and enthusiasm that Sol brings to this project and am confident that his leadership will be a tremendous asset to the Fund."

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