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Developments in Communication Regulation

Developments in Communication Regulation

Why this page?

As our world grows more dependent on high-speed, digital technologies, government regulation of communication media and telecommunications industries is increasingly affecting how we are educated and entertained, how we keep healthy, how we shop, and how we create information ourselves.

The convergence of television, telephone, and computer technologies into an "information superhighway" might enrich opportunities for education and life long learning; improve access to health care, government information, and services; broaden availability of the arts, culture, and the humanities; enhance participation in local, state, and national affairs; and drive an internationally competitive economy supporting new, well-paid jobs.

It is Benton's conviction that the vigorous participation of the nonprofit sector in policy debates and demonstration projects will help realize the public interest potential of the National Information Infrastructure.

At the federal level

Regulating television
Regulating basic telephone service
Regulating the Internet
Regulating wireless communications
Regulating radio broadcasting

At the state level

Links to the report on the states

The goals of this section

The goal of Benton's Communications Policy Project and this Communication Regulation Homepage is to strengthen public interest efforts in shaping the emerging National Information Infrastructure (NII).

The Communications Regulation section has several aims:

To encourage the nonprofit and advocacy communities to participate in the communications policy debate To highlight the opportunities for low-income and minority communities to build capacity in their neighborhoods through regulatory proceedings To strengthen civic institutions, such as schools and libraries To guarantee equal access to telecommunications technologies and information services for lifelong learning, economic developement, civic participation, and health care.

This section will be updated frequently. Benton will sift through the numerous proceedings at the Federal Communications Commission and state regulatory commissions and identify the most important policy actions. Information about how you can make your voice heard will soon be available in Benton's Communication Policy Toolkit. For proceedings at the state level, check out Benton's Report on the 50 States.

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