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PIAC Legacy Project

PIAC Legacy Project

The Benton Foundation has been chosen to serve as the home of the Advisory Committee legacy, acting as the institutional memory and tracking the debate on and progress of the Advisory Committee’s report and recommendations. Included here is Charting the Digital Broadcasting Future, the final report of the Committee, sent to Vice President Gore in December 1998.

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Implementation Efforts Still Charting the Digital Broadcasting Future:The Third Anniversary of the PIAC Report Ongoing: Digital Promise, a plan to create the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO IT), a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency designed to unlock the potential of the Internet and other new information technologies for education in the broadest sense; to stimulate public and private sector research into the development and use of new learning techniques, and to encourage public and private sector partnerships and alliances in education, science, the humanities, the arts, civic affairs and government. Headed by former-PIAC member Newt Minow. Charting the Digital Broadcasting Future:The 2nd Anniversary of the PIAC Report FCC rulemaking on Digital Televison Broadcasters Children's Television Obligations
Comments period ended January 17, 2001 FCC rulemaking on Standardized and Enhanced Disclosure Requirements for TV Licensee Public Interest Obligation
Comments period ended January 17, 2001 Arguing Over the Future of TV
Many groups have weighed in on the debate over the public interest obligations of digital broadcasters -- now its your turn. FCC Opens NOI on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Broadcasters
Read our full covergae including: Deciding the Future of Television
Outlines the opportunity for the public to express its view of the public interest performance of television broadcasters and the public interest potential of digital broadcast technology being deployed around the nation. Charles Benton's letter to FCC Chairman Kennard asking for a broad examination of digital broadcasters' public interest obligations 10/30/99
See also Time Is Right For Digital Television Proceeding Vice President Gore's Letter to FCC Chairman William Kennard
Calling for Commission to begin proceeding on digital broadcasters' public interest obligations -- focusing on Improving the Quality of Political Discourse, Disaster Warnings in the Digital Age, Disability Access to Digital Programming, and Diversity in Broadcasting 10/20/99 Benton Joins People for Better TV, 5/3/99 Education and Digital Television, a Benton Foundation Poll on Americans' Attitudes Towards Television, 02/11/99

Reactions to the Report Vice President Gore Charles Benton, PIAC Member and Chairman of the Benton Foundation and Public Media Inc. Chicago Access Corporation, Community Media Workshop, and Arts & Business Council of Chicago Alliance for Better Campaigns

Press Coverage of this Issue Picture Clears, But Views Clash,Chicago Tribune, 02/08/99 Poll: 8 in 10 Say Commercial Broadcasters Should Aid Public TV Current 1/25/99 President's Advisory Committee Recommends Diversity in Digital TV Arts Wire, 01/05/98 What Price Digital Television? New York Times, 12/26/98 Gore Panel Takes Middle Ground Broadcasting & Cable, 12/21/98 Gore Panel Endorses Adding Educational DTV Channels Current 12/20/98 Guidelines Divide Panel on Digital TV Chicago Tribune, 12/18/98 Voluntary Political TV Advertising Urged New York Times, 12/18/98

Background Information The Committee's Official Website The Debate On the Future of Television Benton's PIAC Homepage including Meeting Summaries Federal Communications Commission's Digital Television Homepage Aspen Institute's Working Group on Digital Broadcasting and the Public Interest The National Association of Broadcasters The Media Institute's Public Interest Council

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