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The KickStart Initiative

(NOTE: This publication is no longer actively maintained by the Benton Foundation, but it remains available as a historic record of our past work. Because of this, some of the hyperlinks on this page may no longer function.)

KickStart Initiatives are community-based efforts to bring the Information Superhighway to all individuals through schools, libraries, and community centers.

This site, divided in four sections, offers guidance, ideas, tools, and real-world examples to help community leaders launch KickStart Initiatives.

Connecting People and Communities to the Information Superhighway

A Leadership Guide to Getting There

Resource on Intellectual Property, Privacy, and Security

Resources for Communities

This KickStart site provides a full overview of the contents of this site, as well as the KickStart Call to Action, and Key Messages.

KickStart Initiatives is a report of the United States National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council.

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The entire document, as well as individual sections of KickStart Initiatives: Connecting America's Communities to the Information Superhighway, is also available via FTP and gopher.

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