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Hawaii Broadband Law Clears Way for 5G Development

Hawaii’s legislators and governor have approved a bill aimed at more closely defining wireless broadband facilities while streamlining the application process for providers.

There’s only one way for T-Mobile/Sprint to satisfy regulators

T-Mobile and Sprint are small players in a wireless market where being small makes it hard to survive. One expert told me that if the deal is framed as a pairing of two of the four national wireless carriers, it has little chance of making it past

AT&T removed HBO from an unlimited data plan after buying Time Warner

AT&T has been offering free HBO to its unlimited data customers since 2017, and you might have expected that deal to continue unaltered now that AT&T owns HBO thanks to its acquisition of Time Warner.

A fresh look at zero-rating

An economic assessment of zero-rating offers in the context of mobile internet access services and draw six lessons:

Commissioner Rosenworcel Announces Availability of Small Cell Model Agreements

Right now, policymakers across the country are focused on strengthening American infrastructure. That effort includes roads, bridges, and broadband networks that support 5G wireless services.

Facebook gives up on building internet-beaming drones

Four years after embarking on a project to bring internet access to remote locations through the use of internet-beaming drones, Facebook is giving up on designing its own aircraft.

Dysfunctional US needs "Sputnik moment" on future tech

The US is putting up relatively meager competition in a potent new global tech race that, combined with the wave of go-it-alone nationalism led by President Donald Trump, is reshaping global politics and may lead to war, according to a major new r

Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse

Internet-connected locks, speakers, thermostats, lights and cameras that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control.  In more than 30 interviews with The New Yor

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Fixed wireless is becoming a serious contender in the growing broadband access market. Fixed wireless economics and technology improvements are giving carriers a new option versus fiber for both OSP backhaul and direct access applications. Technology advancements in the sub 6Ghz and mmWave space have reduced the size and cost, and increased bandwidth of fixed wireless products.

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Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights

Senate Committee on the Judiciary

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