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Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee: Streamlining Federal Siting

Through its deliberations, the Streamlining Federal Siting Working Group Working Group found that the fundamental concerns regarding the streamlining of federal siting are 1) predictability and complexity of the application process and accompanyin

Senate Intelligence Committee to debate in secret a bill that would renew a powerful spy tool

The Senate Intelligence Committee is planning on Oct 24 to debate in secret a bill that would reauthorize a powerful surveillance authority without imposing any new restraints on the FBI’s ability to search and use the communications of Americans

Why Community Anchor Institutions Should Care About the Connect America Fund

[Commentary] Anchor institutions like schools, libraries and health care providers play an important role in bringing connectivity to their local communities.

Tech Giants, Once Seen as Saviors, Are Now Viewed as Threats

At the start of this decade, the Arab Spring blossomed with the help of social media. That is the sort of story the tech industry loves to tell about itself: It is bringing freedom, enlightenment and a better future for all mankind.

Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance in Washington

After years of largely avoiding regulation, businesses like Facebook, Google and Amazon are a focus of lawmakers, some of whom are criticizing the expanding power of big tech companies and their role in the 2016 election.

Democrats are trying to limit foreign influence on US elections — beginning with Google and Facebook ads

A group of House and Senate Democrats are calling on the US government to issue new “guidance” to stop foreign advertisers from spending money on Facebook, Google and other web platforms in a bid to influence American elections.

The net neutrality hearing that wasn't

House Republicans emerged from a month of network neutrality negotiations with no new draft bill text, said Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR).

A Quick Moment for FCC Chairman Pai?

Senate Republicans are trying to lock down a time for a roll call vote for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s reconfirmation.

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Thune Not Rushing Into FCC Reauthorization

One priority for Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) is reauthorizing the Federal Communications Commission, which hasn’t happened since 1990.

How to Free Up Government Held Spectrum in the Face of Increasing Budgetary Pressure

Federal agencies, especially the Department of Defense (DoD), don’t face normal marketplace pressures to economize their use of spectrum.