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The FCC's Next Stunt: Reclassifying Cell Phone Data Service as 'Broadband Internet'

The Federal Communications Commission's decision toi repeal net neutrality was a major blow to internet freedom, but it’s only the first in a long line of actions that the FCC will take to tell itself that America’s broadband situation is better t

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The American Consumer Institute

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 12:00 to 13:30

Confused about all the back and forth on net neutrality? Want to know what the empirical evidence says? Join the American Consumer Institute (ACI) for a discussion about the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming December 14th vote on “Restoring Internet Freedom.”

Panelists will discuss what’s included in the draft order, whether consumers, investors, and innovators benefit by regulations and proposed reforms, and potential next steps for Congress.

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FCC Chairman Pai Proposes Review of TV Ownership Cap, UHF Discount

Earlier this year, the Commission reinstated the UHF discount, finding that the prior FCC’s decision last year to eliminate it absent a simultaneous review of the 39 percent national cap effectively tightened the cap without determining whether th

Senate bill would impose new privacy limits on accessing NSA’s surveillance data

Sens Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Mike Lee (R-UT) released their bipartisan proposal to renew a powerful surveillance authority for collecting foreign intelligence on US soil, but with a new brake on the government’s ability to access the data.

Why a DOJ vs. AT&T-Time Warner Case Could Be a Close Call

If the Justice Department sues to block AT&T's planned acquisition of Time Warner, the challenge will likely raise novel legal issues, making one of the most ambitious antitrust cases in decad

Missouri launches investigation into Google’s handling of consumer data

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has launched an investigation into whether Google has mishandled private customer data and manipulated its search results to favor its own products and stifle competitors.

Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee: Streamlining Federal Siting

Through its deliberations, the Streamlining Federal Siting Working Group Working Group found that the fundamental concerns regarding the streamlining of federal siting are 1) predictability and complexity of the application process and accompanyin

Senate Intelligence Committee to debate in secret a bill that would renew a powerful spy tool

The Senate Intelligence Committee is planning on Oct 24 to debate in secret a bill that would reauthorize a powerful surveillance authority without imposing any new restraints on the FBI’s ability to search and use the communications of Americans

Why Community Anchor Institutions Should Care About the Connect America Fund

[Commentary] Anchor institutions like schools, libraries and health care providers play an important role in bringing connectivity to their local communities.

Tech Giants, Once Seen as Saviors, Are Now Viewed as Threats

At the start of this decade, the Arab Spring blossomed with the help of social media. That is the sort of story the tech industry loves to tell about itself: It is bringing freedom, enlightenment and a better future for all mankind.