Universal Broadband

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at the Sept 28 White House 5G Summit

There are too many places in this country, especially in rural America, that lack the basic infrastructure that will be needed to enable 5G service. We have data that shows this.

Chairman Pai Remarks at Connect2Compete Event

Closing that divide will require both public sector and private sector leadership. With respect to the latter, Connect2Compete is setting the pace.

Families Report Internet At Home Results In Higher Grades And Improved Graduation Readiness, Cox Raises Commitment To Bridge Digital Divide With $20 Million Pledge

Cox Communications announced the overwhelmingly positive results of a survey of Connect2Compete program participants, a program designed for low-income families in need of internet access at home.

USDA Invests $600 Million In Rural Broadband, But Farmers Still Struggle To Connect

Late in Aug, the US Department of Agriculture announced plans to add $600 million to fund e-Connectivity, a pilot program aimed at bridging the rural digital divide by improving broadband internet access for American farmers.

What's the Outlook for 5G in Rural States?

As the connectivity versus local control debate rages on, the prospect of 5G infrastructure blanketing the country remains a far-off concept in many areas.

Tennessee Governor candidates want better internet in rural areas

GOP nominee for Gov of TN Bill Lee may run a $225 million-a-year business and live in the wealthiest county in TN, but when he connects to the internet at his cattle farm in Fernvale (TN), he has to use a satellite dish.

A Tribal-Owned Broadband Company in Fond du Lac (MN)

Providing high-speed internet in rural MN today is as vital as providing rural electricity was some 80 years ago, said Jason Hollinday, planning director for the Fond du Lac (MN) Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.


Senate Commerce Committee

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 10:00

This hearing allows the Committee, as part of its ongoing efforts, to assess the progress of broadband deployment in rural America and continue to explore ways in which closing the digital divide will benefit American jobs and the economy.


Broadband subscriptions are up, but too many households are still disconnected

Over the past four years, the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) has asked households whether they have access to the Internet “using a broadband (high speed) Internet service such as cable, fiber optic, or DSL service…” The answer

Internet, social media use and device ownership in U.S. have plateaued after years of growth

The use of digital technology has had a long stretch of rapid growth in the United States, but the share of Americans who go online, use social media or own key devices has remained stable the past two years, according to a new analysis of Pew Res