Universal Broadband

CenturyLink eyes partnerships for rural broadband and rolls out price-for-life

As CenturyLink rolls out new ‘price for life’ services and invests in its network to improve internet speed to nearly 700,000 people in Colorado, it’s also trying a new approach to bringing broadband to areas that lack it — public-private partners

America’s Digital Divide

While broadband internet access has increased over time, there remains a digital divide in access to and adoption of high-speed internet. Closing this gap must be a priority, and will take a substantial federal investment to do.

Facebook is sending its connectivity team to help Puerto Rico get back online

Mark Zuckerberg pledged $1.5 million in aid to organizations assisting in Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, together with direct assistance from Facebook’s connectivity team to help the country get back online.

AT&T Rural Broadband Expansion Continues Through CAF Funded Fixed Wireless Service

AT&T rural broadband expansion via Connect America Fund-supported fixed wireless service now reaches 160,000 locations across 18 states. Nine states were recently added.

Why 23 million Americans don’t have fast internet

In rural America slow internet can mean more than missing shows on Netflix. Poor service limits access to health, business, and education opportunities that are readily available in urban locations with fast networks.

OTI Submits FCC Comments on Broadband Deployment

On Sept 21, the Open Technology Institute filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission about the availability of broadband across the United States.

AT&T says it’s not ignoring low-income broadband needs

AT&T says the latest claims that it is ignoring the broadband needs of low-income residents in Detroit are false and that it continues to enhance speeds.

Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America, a new documentary

Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America – a new documentary from Academy Award nominee Rory Kennedy and Verizon – focuses on the deep inequalities in America's education system that are keeping millions of students in digital darkness.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn, Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment

Allow me to quickly reiterate my call for five policies I believe can help move the needle when it comes to digital inclusion. We have seen how the phenomenal success of low-power FM (LPFM) is playing out in local communities across this country.

Second FCC Redlining Complaint Against AT&T to be Filed

Attorney Daryl Parks says he is filing a second complaint against AT&T at the Federal Communications Commission Sept 25 seeking an investigation and hearing of AT&T over what he says is digital redlining.