Universal Broadband

Wireless Internet Service Providers Pitch Fixed Wireless Technology in Forthcoming Infrastructure Bill

Fixed wireless broadband could become a lynchpin in the digital infrastructure portions of any forthcoming Trump Administration infrastructure bill if policymakers are properly educated about its benefits, Wireless Internet Service Provider Associ

Ajit Pai Is Preserving A World Where The Digital Divide, And ISP Profits, Can Grow

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has spoken eloquently about the “digital divide” and his commitment to resolving it. His solution?

Wired: Connecting Equity to a Universal Broadband Strategy

In this case study, we argue that barriers to broadband access, one aspect of the digital divide for low income communities of color, stem from a myriad of factors including deregulation of the telecommunications industry and a history of segregat

Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?

[Commentary] Public street poles may not look like much, but to wireless service providers, they’re valuable real estate.

Defining digital down

[Commentary] In 1994 Sen Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY)decried what he felt was an ongoing redefinition of acceptable behavior designed to normalize what had previously been unacceptable.

FCC plan leaves rural America in internet slow lane

[Commentary] To get internet with adequate speed into more rural areas, you could offer incentives for companies to build lines in places where there would otherwise be too few customers, and you could offer subsidies to residents to make the cust

Study finds wireless broadband most feasible option for local rural service

The most viable way to provide broadband internet service to under-served parts of Pipestone County (MN) is with a wireless system, and even that is not feasible without a grant.

Google Missed Deadlines and Other Challenges Lead Some to Question Google Gigabit Value

Google failed to deploy gigabit internet and video service to parts of the Kansas City metro area in the timeframe it promised.

Making the Move to Broadband: Rural Electric Co-Ops Detail Their Experiences

More and more rural electric cooperatives are learning that their existing distribution networks can lend themselves to highly efficient deployment of broadband for their member-owners.

Democratic Party pushing a $40 billion plan to bring the best Internet access to rural America

The Democratic Party is making high-speed Internet access a new plank in its economic agenda as it tries to regain trust among middle-class Americans in the country's heartland.