Universal Broadband

FCC Chairman Pai Continues to Hide the Truth About Broadband Investment to Justify His Ideological Vendetta Against Net Neutrality

In filings about the Federal Communications Commission’s forthcoming wireless-competition report, Free Press called out FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for misrepresenting the state of broadband investment following the agency’s 2015 network neutrality ruli

Federal E-Rate Program Dramatically Expands High-Speed Internet Access for Schools

In 2013, only 4 million students had access to broadband that provided internet fast enough to allow for digital learning in the classroom.

2017 State of the States Report

More than 39 million students in America now have access to high-speed Internet at school, a 5.1 million student increase over last year.

American Cable Association To FCC on CAF II Auction: Simplify

The American Cable Association says the Federal Communications Commission has to simplify its Connect America Fund II auction framework if it wants to get the most fiscal bang for the buck.

The UN Says the Global Digital Divide Could Become a Yawning Chasm

More than 52 percent of people on the planet still don't have Internet access. Men outnumber women as Web users in every region of the world. And there remain massive disparities in connection speeds in different countries.

Broadband Is Largely Inaccessible to Those Who Need it Most

The internet is a way for people in poorer or far-flung communities to connect with social programs and educational opportunities, such as employment and health services, to which they might not otherwise have access.

Can We Build a Global Internet from Swarms of Satellites and Tech-Company-Backed Balloons?

Ten years ago, the world population was 6.6 billion; 3 billion of those people lacked access to broadband internet connectivity.

Adoption Persistence: a longitudinal study of digital inclusion impact

The survey effort recontacted 429 past participants of the Connect Your Community project that had participated in a 2012 impact survey and produced findings that show the long-term and continuing impact of high-touch digital inclusion efforts 5 y

How The FCC is Using Legal Gymnastics to Excuse Itself From Getting Americans Internet Access

The Federal Communications Commission is currently in the process of redefining much of rural and low-income America in reverse when it comes to internet access. The good news: There is still time to tell them that’s a bad idea.

Senators blast Lifeline in Hearing

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee held a hearing Sept 14 titled, "FCC’s Lifeline Program: A Case Study of Government Waste and Mismanagement".