Universal Broadband

FCC Grants OneWeb US Access for Broadband Satellite Constellation

The Federal Communications Commission approved a request by WorldVu Satellites Limited, which does business as OneWeb, to access the United States satellite market.

President Trump Pledges Rural Broadband Support in Infrastructure Package

President Donald Trump said that expanded access to broadband internet service in rural areas will be part of the infrastructure plan he will submit to Congress, helping to bridge a digital divide that leaves small towns behind.

White House looks to bridge gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of America

The White House is gathering technology leaders on June 22 to discuss how the industry aims to drive economic growth in emerging technology areas like wireless broadband and drones.

Sen Thune Asks FCC to Redouble Efforts to Free Mid-Band Spectrum

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) in a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, urged the agency to find ways to better utilize spectrum in the mid-band range for commercial use.

House Communications Subcommittee Looks at Broadband Mapping, Definitions

The House Communications Subcommittee drilled down on coverage mapping and definitions in a hearing June 21.

New Coalition Petitions FCC to Expand Shared Access to Underused Spectrum to Boost High-Speed Broadband Access in Rural and Underserved Areas

Members of the new Broadband Access Coalition called on the Federal Communications Commission to authorize a new, licensed, point-to-multipoint (P2MP) fixed wireless service in the underutilized 3700 - 4200 MHz spectrum band used primarily by fixe

Senate Drills Down on Universal Service Fund

The Senate Communications Subcommittee on June 20 took a deep dive into the Federal Communications Commission's Universal Service Fund, with a focus on rural broadband deployment and telehealth.

President Trump will commit to improving internet access in rural areas

President Donald Trump will commit on June 21 to improving internet access in the country’s hardest-to-reach rural areas as a part of his forthcoming push to improve the nation’s infrastructure.

How do you do business without high-speed internet?

Driving around rural Erie County, Pennsylvania, what you notice — aside from rolling hills, old farm houses, and the occasional small town — are the movie rental stores. There are a lot of them.

What Living With Modern Rural Internet is Really Like

[Commentary] Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai rightfully gets a lot of crap for his hostility toward net neutrality, but as someone who lives and works out where the Milky Way still shines in its full glory at ni