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LRG: Cable Industry Now has 64% Market Share of Broadband Subscribers

Cable companies were mostly up and the top telecommunications companies all were down in high-speed Internet subscriptions during the second quarter 2017.

Distinguishing Bandwidth and Latency in Households’ Willingness-to-Pay for Broadband Internet Speed

We measure households’ willingness-to-pay for changes in key home broadband Internet connection features using data from two nationally administered, discrete choice surveys.

Lifeline Connects Coalition Discusses Lifeline Reform Issues

The Lifeline Connects Coalition met with Federal Communications Commission Wireline Competition Bureau staff on August 10, 2017 to discuss the Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier.

Lack of broadband hurts higher education in rural areas

The lack of high-speed internet services in many rural areas is one of the challenges hindering Florida’s efforts to increase college degrees and spur economic development, a new report shows.

Seattle Increases Financial Commitment to 20-Year-Old Digital Equity Program

Seattle is upping its financial contribution to a program that for the past 20 years has helped community groups provide technology, as well as the skills needed to use technology, to residents who are traditionally underserved and often left behi

Verizon Next Generation Broadband Strategy: We’ll Pass on G.fast and Stick With FTTP

Verizon’s Director of Network Planning Vincent O’Byrne outlined a Verizon next generation broadband strategy. That strategy is heavily focused on NG-PON2. It apparently will not include G.fast.

4 Million Low-Income Americans Have Crossed the Digital Divide through Internet Essentials

Comcast Corporation announced that its acclaimed Internet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed Internet adoption program, has now connected more than four million low-income Americans, in one million household

Will FCC Broadband Progress Report Count Wireless-Only Areas As “Served”?

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking input on how it should gauge whether broadband is being deployed in a timely manner — a determination the commission makes annually in the FCC Broadband Progress Report.

Rebutting Myths About UTOPIA and Fiber Networks

[Commentary] Many business models have been disrupted by the internet. The next incumbent industry being challenged includes the old-style cable and telecom companies.

Rural Carriers Unhappy With FCC Move on Mobile Broadband

As the Trump administration undertakes rural broadband access expansion, stakeholders disagree on ways to reach the target.