Universal Broadband

Top 5 Groups Lobbying The FCC

Network neutrality continues to make headlines and draw millions of Federal Communications Commission comments, but the top organizations and companies lobbying the FCC have also been focused on other issues, such as the video relay service and fu

Chairman Walden Ties Rural Broadband Access to Net Neutrality Fight

House Republicans are tying an ongoing process to roll back Obama-era network neutrality rules with their efforts to expand broadband internet access in rural areas.

Communications Workers of America Calls for $100B Broadband Infrastructure Investment

With President Donald Trump emphasizing his infrastructure revamp proposal, the Communications Workers of America wants Congress to emphasize broadband investment in any plan it approves.

Measuring Broadband In Schools

In schools across the United States, IT departments are routinely tasked with supporting teachers as they move toward more technology-centric instructional environments.

Public policy can improve older adults’ access to technology

Public policies are critical in narrowing the digital divide for older adults and ensuring more accessible broadband access.

Heading Together Toward the Future

As we move from the networks of today to those of tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission wants to work collaboratively with everyone affected—particularly Tribal partners.

ISPs denied entry into apartment buildings could get help from FCC

Exclusive deals between broadband providers and landlords have long been a problem for Internet users, despite rules that are supposed to prevent or at least limit such arrangements.

Communities, Not Telcos, Should Define Success of Municipal Broadband Networks

Too often, reports on the feasibility of municipal broadband networks in smaller markets are sponsored by large telecom companies with a financial stake in the game.

Harnessing the Potential of ‘Unlicensed Spectrum’ to Power Connectivity

What’s the next Wi-Fi frontier? And how can we tap into it for public good? A key band of airwaves that companies are seeking is the unused spectrum in lower frequencies that sit between TV channels.

Filing Urges Changes to USF Funded FCC Rural Healthcare-Broadband Programs

TeleQuality Communications filed comments urges changes to the Federal Communications Commission rural healthcare-broadband programs, arguing that the Universal Service Fund (USF) rural healthcare, telecom and e-rate schools and libraries programs