Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via the telephone

FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For October 2017 Open Meeting

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the following items are tentatively on the agenda for the October Open Commission Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, 2017:

Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?

[Commentary] Public street poles may not look like much, but to wireless service providers, they’re valuable real estate.

Modernizing the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries

The Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau presents this report on voice services in the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism (more commonly known as the E-rate program), as directed by the FCC in its

Mobile-only consumers arise from heterogeneous valuation of fixed services

Mobile-only users are usually perceived as a consequence of fixed-mobile substitution.

FCC, Sorenson Reach Settlement Following Outage of Video Relay Services

The Federal Communications Commission reached a settlement with Sorenson Communications following a preventable service outage that affected a communications service utilized by Americans with disabilities.

One vote could stop Injustice at the Federal Communications Commission

[Commentary] The week of Oct 2, the Senate has a chance to make a profound difference for the 2.7 million children whose parents are incarcerated.

FCC Seeks Comment on Modernizing Toll Free Numbering System

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to modernize the way it distributes toll free numbers, including popular numbers in the new 833 toll free area code.

Gov. Brown, veto the bill that lets rich telecoms use public property practically free

[Commentary] The California Legislature wants to give telecom companies a nice big gift: at least $30 million a year, and perhaps billions of dollars in savings at the direct expense of cities that both rely on the money and use their current leve

Europe’s telecoms groups warn over regulation

The European telecoms sector has lost €100 million a day to disruptive technology companies over the past decade, says a report commissioned by Etno, the trade body that represents the region’s largest operators.

FCC embraces market-based solution for toll-free numbers

[Commentary] At first glance, tomorrow’s Open Meeting at the Federal Communications Commission seems rather mundane — particularly after last summer’s high-profile internet freedom proceeding.