Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via the telephone

Verizon accelerates copper-to-fiber transition, sets new network resiliency practices

Following 2012's Hurricane Sandy, Verizon has put together a new set of flood barrier and network transformation methods that are designed to achieve two goals: keep its wireline network operational and hasten its ongoing copper-to-fiber migration

Public Interest Groups Urge FCC Chairman to Maintain Tech Transition Rules, Protect Consumers

Public Knowledge joined Communications Workers of America and 20 rural, consumer, civil rights, labor, and other groups in a letter urging Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to retain the agency’s tech transitions rules that prote

FCC tries to help cable companies avoid state consumer protection rules

The Federal Communications Commission is intervening in a court case in order to help Charter Communications avoid utility-style consumer protections related to its phone service in Minnesota.

FCC Chairman Pai’s Plan to Downgrade Rural America

President Trump-appointed Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has rubberstamped the elimination of several policies and protections that are critical to closing the digital divide.

FCC Fines Securus $1.7M, Resolving Investigation Over Submitting Misleading Information To Agency

The Federal Communications Commission announced it has reached a $1.7 million consent decree with Securus Technologies resolving an investigation into whether Securus provided inaccurate and misleading information to the FCC regarding the company’

FCC Clears CenturyLink-Level 3 Combination

CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications' proposed merger cleared its last government hurdle nearly a year after the two telecommunications companies announced their combination.

CenturyLink agrees with Verizon, AT&T to realign the copper retirement process

CenturyLink is joining the chorus of incumbent telecommunication companies that want the copper retirement and legacy service discontinuance process to be simplified to facilitate the build out and expansion of next-gen fiber and IP-based services

FCC Approves New Rules To Aid in Tracking Threatening Phone Calls

In response to concerns about threatening phone calls targeting schools, religious centers and other organizations, the Federal Communications Commission voted to allow law enforcement authorities – under specific circumstances –to access blocked

FCC Seeks Comment on Moving Toward Nationwide Number Portability

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to expand the consumer and economic benefits provided by consumers being able to take their phone number to any carrier.

FCC Improves Phone Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss

The Federal Communications Commission approved updates to various Commission rules for hearing aid compatibility and volume control on wireline and wireless telephones.