Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via the telephone

Democratic Sens Press FCC Not To Allow Straight-to-Voicemail Telemarketing

Democratic Sens are calling on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai not to allow telemarketers to leave “ringless voicemails” on potential customers' phones.

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn's Statement on Inmate Calling Decision in DC Circuit

Today’s DC Circuit decision is deeply disappointing, not just for me and the many advocates who have fought for more than a decade to bring about much needed reform in the inmate calling services is a sad day for the more than 2.7 mill

FCC Chairman Pai Circulates Item on Broadband Privacy

New to the Federal Communications Commission’s list of items on circulation an un-docketed item on protecting the privacy of customers of broadband and other telecommunications services; implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; and te

FCC Chairman Pai Statement On D.C. Circuit Inmate Calling Decision

Today, the DC Circuit agreed with my position that the FCC exceeded its authority when it attempted to impose rate caps on intrastate calls made by inmates.

Remarks of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn SEARUC 2017 Annual Conference

We can all agree that what we could do with less is the pull and push between federal, state, and local policymakers.

“Regulatory Revival” and Employment in Telecommunications

Empirical research demonstrates that the Obama Administration’s aggressive regulatory agenda at the Federal Communications Commission reduced investment in the telecommunications sector between $20 and $40 billion annually, robbing the nation of a

FCC Seeks Comment on Repeal of Retention of Telephone Records Rules

On August 4, 2015, a number of public interest advocates (including the Benton Foundation) filed a petition for rulemaking asking the Federal Communications Commission to repeal Section 42.6 of the Commission’s rules, Retention of Telephone Record

The Evolution of “Competition”: Lessons for 21st Century Telecommunications Policy

For over a century, assessments of competition or the lack thereof have been central to how public policy treats the telecommunications industry. This centrality continues today. Yet, numerous foundational questions about this concept persist.

Justice Department OK With Liberty-GCI Deal

The Justice Department is apparently OK with Liberty Interactive's proposed purchase of Alaska telecom GCI. That came in an early termination notice released June 8.

With Verizon-CWA Copper Settlement, Union Forces Verizon’s Landline Hand

A complaint filed with the Pennsylvania public utilities commission has driven a Verizon-Communications Workers of America copper settlement involving maintenance of the company’s traditional landline network infrastructure.