U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with Microsoft data privacy fight

Supreme Court justices wrestled with Microsoft’s dispute with the US Justice Department over whether prosecutors can force technology companies to hand over data stored overseas, with some signaling support for the government and others urging Con

First Amendment group sues DOJ over seizure of New York Times reporter's phone, email records

A CA-based First Amendment group is suing the Justice Department in federal court over the agency's seizure of phone and email records from Ali Watkins, a reporter at The New York Times.

UK's surveillance system revealed by Snowden violated human rights, court rules

The United Kingdom's Government Communications Headquarters' (GCHQ’s) methods in carrying out bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards, the European court of human rights

IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage to Develop Technology That Lets Police Search By Skin Color

In the decade after the 9/11 attacks, the New York City Police Department moved to put millions of New Yorkers under constant watch.

Sen Wyden Confirms Cell-Site Simulators Disrupt Emergency Calls

Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) has sent a letter to the Department of Justice concerning disruptions to 911 emergency services caused by law enforcement’s use of cell-site simulators (CSS, also known as IMSI catchers or Stingrays).

FBI's encryption fight with Facebook could have broad impact on smartphone users' privacy

The FBI is asking a federal judge in CA to force Facebook to break the encryption on its Messenger app so investigators can listen in on an alleged MS-13 gang member's voice conversations.

Facebook’s encryption fight will be harder than San Bernardino

Facebook is caught in a secret legal fight with the FBI. The fight, which centers on an alleged MS-13 gang member in Fresno (CA), has been kept out of public court records, but Reuters broke the story on Aug 17.

How China rules using data, AI, and internet surveillance

How do you effectively govern a country that’s home to one in five people on the planet, with an increasingly complex economy and society, if you don’t allow public debate, civil activism, and electoral feedback? Hu Jintao, China’s leader from 200

Google refused an order to release huge amounts of data. Will other companies bow under pressure?

In 2018, a federal judge signed a search warrant for a windfall of private information to help find the robber responsible for a string of crimes in southern Maine.

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won

Alastair Mactaggart has became the most improbable, and perhaps the most important, privacy activist in America. Almost by accident, though, Mactaggart had thrust himself into the greatest resource grab of the 21st century.