Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

FCC Seeks Comment on Process for Relicensing 700 MHz Spectrum in Unserved Areas

In the 2007 700 MHz Second Report and Order, the Commission adopted rules for relicensing of 700 MHz Lower A, B, and E Block, and Upper C Block spectrum that is returned to the Commission’s inventory as a result of licensees’ failure to meet appli

NAB, tech industry throw down over TV white spaces

The TV white spaces (TVWS) debate is cranking back up again thanks to a proposal that recommends that the Federal Communications Commision set aside three 6 MHz-wide TVWS channels for unlicensed use in every market across the country.

FCC's repacking effort may far exceed 39 months: Guggenheim

It may take much longer for wireless carriers to deploy services on their new 600 MHz spectrum than previously thought.

NAB Voices Its Concerns With Microsoft Spectrum Proposal

The National Association of Broadcasters is firing back at a letter from tech executives who wrote the Federal Communications Commission in support of reserving broadcast band channels, so called "white spaces," for unlicensed device use.

A spacey startup shoots for a comeback

A startup that wants to build a mobile data network to fuel the Internet of Things is trying to convince regulators to let it use crucial airwaves. It's the second time the company, now called Ligado Networks, has fought this battle.

FCC needs to open airwaves so rural, tribal Americans have broadband access

[Commentary] A new Broadband Access Coalition of internet service providers has joined forces with consumer, schools and health care advocacy groups to petition the Federal Communications Commission to open up the airwaves for spectrum best suite

The Future of Broadband in Underserved Areas

At a recent panel convened by the Wireless Future Project at New America, Ellen Satterwhite, of the American Library Association, noted that 40 percent of libraries cannot meet the minimum speed requirements set by the Federal Communications Commi

FCC OKs More Forward Auction Spectrum Applications

The Federal Communications Commission has accepted another batch of applications from winning bidders in the forward portion of the broadcast incentive auction. Those are bidders for broadcast spectrum being reclaimed for wireless broadband.


The Senate approval by unanimous consent of the (S.

Dish 'confident' its IoT strategy can meet FCC's build-out requirements

Dish Network believes that its plan to launch a narrowband Internet of Things (IoT) network will enable it to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s build-out requirements for its spectrum, according to Jefferies Equity Research Americas.