Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

CAF II Auction Rules: FCC Explains How Proposed Auction to Fund Rural Broadband Would Work

Federal Communications Commission officials conducted a webinar explaining how proposed Connect America Fund (CAF) II auction rules would work. The auction will award funding to help cover the cost of deploying broadband in unserved rural areas.

Modernization Month at the FCC

Since becoming Chairman, I have consistently emphasized the need for the Commission’s regulations to match realities of the current marketplace. Our rules must reflect today’s technological and economic conditions, not those of yesterday.

House Packs a Lot Into Repack Hearing

The House Communications Subcommittee drilled into the Federal Communications Commission's post-incentive auction repack plan in a hearing that touched on everything from hurricanes and tornados to tall towers, timelines and even the Sinclair/Trib

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly at Latin America Spectrum Management Conference

By most accounts, the U.S. broadcast incentive auction was a success. Does that mean it was perfect? No. This was a very complex undertaking. Were lessons learned? Absolutely, and I will discuss that a bit later.

How to Free Up Government Held Spectrum in the Face of Increasing Budgetary Pressure

Federal agencies, especially the Department of Defense (DoD), don’t face normal marketplace pressures to economize their use of spectrum.

Public policy will lay the foundation for 5G and beyond

Public policy has probably never been more important for the US wireless industry as it will be over the next several years. And the schedule for Mobile World Congress Americas underscores that.

Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force Announces Webinar to Discuss Proposals put Forth in the Connect America Fund Phase II Auction Comment Public Notice

On August 4, 2017, the Commission released the Connect America Fund Phase II (CAF II) Auction Comment Public Notice, seeking comment on detailed proposals for conducting the Phase II reverse auction designated as Auction 903.

House Communications Subcommittee Schedules Repack Hearing for Sept 7

The House Commerce Committee has switched gears and will hold a Sept. 7 hearing on the post-incentive auction repack in its Communications Subcommittee.

Public Knowledge Responds to D.C. Circuit SNR Wireless v. FCC Decision

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit remanded the SNR Wireless v. Federal Communications Commission case to the FCC. Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge Harold Feld said, “We’re extremely pleased that the D.C.

Court Upholds FCC Nixing of Dish-Related AWS-3 Credits

A federal court has upheld the Federal Communications Commission's determination that Dish had de facto control over AWS-3 winning bidders SNR and Northstar.