Electromagnetic frequencies used for wireless communications

Sen Thune Asks FCC to Redouble Efforts to Free Mid-Band Spectrum

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) in a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, urged the agency to find ways to better utilize spectrum in the mid-band range for commercial use.

New Coalition Petitions FCC to Expand Shared Access to Underused Spectrum to Boost High-Speed Broadband Access in Rural and Underserved Areas

Members of the new Broadband Access Coalition called on the Federal Communications Commission to authorize a new, licensed, point-to-multipoint (P2MP) fixed wireless service in the underutilized 3700 - 4200 MHz spectrum band used primarily by fixe

Nonprofit Coalition Letter Urges FCC to Reject Cellular Industry Effort to Upend Historic Spectrum Sharing Framework

A broad-based coalition of nonprofit groups [including the Benton Foundation] filed a letter calling on the Federal Communications Commission to reject a proposal from the cellular industry, filed by CTIA on June 16, to re-open and revise the rule

FCC Grants T-Mobile Spectrum Licenses

T-Mobile said the Federal Communications Commission has granted the spectrum licenses it successfully bid on in the broadcast incentive auction, which means it can start planning how to use it.

FCC Will Help 'Phase Zero' LPTVs

The Federal Communications Commission will allow Low-power Televisions (LPTVs) and translators a way to stay on the air if T-Mobile asks them to exit their spectrum before the first special displacement window for seeking new channels opens, likel

Industry pumped for 3.5 GHz but mostly mum about handsets

[Commentary] Ask the usual suspects when the first 3.5 GHz smartphones are expected to hit the market and things get eerily quiet.

T-Mobile Enticing Stations to Repack Early

Wireless carrier T-Mobile has big plans for its newly acquired 600 MHz spectrum — a nationwide 5G network deployment by 2020. However, there’s a hitch.

FCC Closes Docket on 'Spectrumless' Station Sale

The Federal Communications Commission has closed the docket on the proposed sale of the post-auction assets of Hero Licenseco's KBEH Oxnard (CA) to KWHY-22 Broadcasting, Los Angeles (CA) accepting the withdrawal of the license transfer application

Verizon Locks In Early Federal Approval To Acquire NextLink’s 28 GHz Spectrum

Verizon scored another win on the spectrum front, securing early approval from US federal antitrust authorities to move ahead with plans to acquire 28 GHz spectrum from NextLink Wireless.

Harnessing the Potential of ‘Unlicensed Spectrum’ to Power Connectivity

What’s the next Wi-Fi frontier? And how can we tap into it for public good? A key band of airwaves that companies are seeking is the unused spectrum in lower frequencies that sit between TV channels.