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The merger between AT&T and Time Warner is a raw deal for the rest of us

[Commentary] The AT&T-Time Waner $85 billion deal dwarfs even the massive Comcast-NBCUniversal merger.

It's time to put an old cop back on the internet beat

[Commentary] While news reports overflow with examples of the Trump Administration pulling back on oversight of business, they’re missing the story in one key area: the administration’s aggressive move to restore Federal Trade Commission power to

Anti-Sinclair/Tribune Merger Coalition Bulks Up

The Coalition to Save Local Media, which is the coalition to block the Sinclair-Tribune merger, has added six new members, according to organizers, including a big union and leased access advocates.

Maryland AG: Sinclair, Tribune TV merger is a ‘bad deal’

Maryland’s attorney general opposes the proposed merger between Sinclair Broadcasting Group and rival TV station operator Tribune Media.  Attorney General Brian E.

Comcast's Xfinity Internet Service Suffers a Big Outage

Comcast Xfinity Internet service suffered major problems on Nov 6, leaving customers in many major cities with slow connections or none at all.  Internet-monitoring company Downdetecter said that the outage is affecting Xfinity customers in Denver

A welcome step toward curbing 'rent extraction' during FCC merger reviews

[Commentary] Under the plain terms of the Communications Act, the Federal Communications Commission is obligated to review industry mergers and acquisitions to determine whether such transactions serve the public interest.

21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney

Apparently, 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Walt Disney Co., leaving behind a media company tightly focused on news and sports.

CNN: Fox cancels Trump impeachment ads

Fox News has canceled ads purchased by Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer that call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, CNN’s Brian Stelter confirmed.

8 strategies for saving local newsrooms

[Commentary] Based on our research, we have identified key strategies local newsrooms should be considering to reinvigorate themselves.

Fox News shows broke UK TV impartiality rules, Ofcom finds

The media regulator Ofcom has ruled that the Fox News programmes Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight breached impartiality rules covering British broadcasting.