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Consumer Groups Take Aim at Navient for Phone Harassment

A half-dozen consumer groups have asked the federal government to take action against Navient, a student loan servicer, and have accused the company of “harassing and abusing” borrowers with repeated automated telephone calls, even after being ask

CenturyLink Is Accused of Running a Wells Fargo-Like Scheme

A former CenturyLink employee claims she was fired for blowing the whistle on the telecommunications company's high-pressure sales culture that left customers paying millions of dollars for accounts they didn't request, according to a lawsuit file

Court Rejects Stay on FCC’s Reinstatement of UHF Discount – Does it Mean TV Ownership Consolidation is in the Clear?

In a very short one page decision, the US Court of Appeals rejected the requests filed by public interest groups to stay the effect of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to reinstate the UHF discount.

'We're sorry': New York Times issues correction to editorial after controversy

The New York Times issued a correction to an editorial after it was widely criticized for incorrectly linking the 2011 shooting of Rep Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) to a map circulated by Sarah Palin's political action committee which showed certain elect

Amazon is buying Whole Foods Market in $13.7-billion deal

Dropping a bombshell on the US grocery industry, online shopping giant said it agreed to buy Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion in cash.

President Trump’s criticism of Amazon looms over its Whole Foods deal

Amazon’s brazen bid to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion will bring the e-commerce giant toe-to-toe with President Donald Trump, who once slammed the company as a threat to competition — and threatened it would have such “problems” under his watch

Netflix, joining next month’s net neutrality protest, says it will ‘never outgrow’ the fight

Netflix is reentering the fray over network neutrality, saying it will participate in an online protest in July designed to draw attention to a high-stakes fight over the future of the Internet.

DC Weighs In on UHF Discount Decision

Washington (DC) was quick to respond to the court decision not to block the Federal Communications Commission's reimposition of the UHF discount, at least while it decides a court challenge to that decision under FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

Court Rejects Request To Stay UHF Discount

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit denied the emergency stay motion filed by public interest groups that sought to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from implementing its decision to reinstate the so-called UHF discount that th

FCC Grants T-Mobile Spectrum Licenses

T-Mobile said the Federal Communications Commission has granted the spectrum licenses it successfully bid on in the broadcast incentive auction, which means it can start planning how to use it.