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Why President Trump went after Bezos: Two billionaires across a cultural divide

President Donald Trump’s decision in recent days to zero in on Jeff Bezos and as his latest Twitter targets has highlighted a severe fracture in American society, a divide between concrete and steel and zeros and ones, a split that is a

Zuckerberg keeps insisting Facebook doesn’t sell our data. What it does is even worse

When Zuckerberg was questioned about the company’s handling of user data and how it essentially handed it off to third parties, he demurred.

Four Ways to Fix Facebook

For years, Congress and federal regulators have allowed the world’s largest social network to police itself — with disastrous results. Here are four promising reforms under discussion in Washington: 

At AT&T Trial, Government Sends a Message About Future Deals

In the court case attempting to block AT&T's purchase of Time Warner, the Department of Justice is trying to prove that when you combine content assets like Time Warner’s programming with distribution assets like AT&T’s DirecTV, the compan

Facebook says Cambridge Analytica may have accessed data of 87 million users

The Facebook data of up to 87 million people – 37 million more than previously reported – may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, the company has revealed.

The partnership press: Lessons for platform-publisher collaborations as Facebook and news outlets team to fight misinformation

In Dec 2016, shortly after the US presidential election, Facebook and five US news and fact-checking organizations—ABC News, Associated Press,, PolitiFact, and Snopes—entered a partnership to combat misinformation. Variously seen as

Comcast, Charter, Cox Form New Advanced Ad Group

Comcast, Charter, and Cox have teamed up with ad sales company NCC Media to form a new division within NCC to design, deploy and sell unified advertising solutions across the country to participating NCC partners.

Tech rivalries spill into Washington

Alliances between Silicon Valley powerhouses and their cousins in Seattle (WA) are constantly forming and breaking apart, with big names often coming down on the opposite side of policy and legislative debates.

What the FCC Can Do to "Stay Woke" and Build a legacy of Advancing Civil Rights in the Digital Age

[Commentary] As we remember the 50th Anniversary of the silencing of Dr.

What could President Trump do to Amazon?

President Donald Trump’s repeated Twitter attacks on Amazon have already dented the e-commerce giant’s stock price.