Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

Judge rules for AT&T on key part of Time Warner deal defense

US District Judge Richard Leon has rejected a Justice Department motion to limit evidence AT&T can present in its defense of its proposed purchase of Time Warner. As a result of the ruling, AT&T gets to keep one key element of its argument

This major challenge to local news has gone almost unnoticed

[Commentary] The proposed acquisition of Tribune Media by the Sinclair Broadcast Group is under consideration by the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department.

Antitrust Practice, Economic Evidence and Market Reality Compel the Department of Justice to Oppose the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

[Research] Why the government’s case against the AT&T-Time Warner merger is both warranted and consistent with past enforcement practices.

EU and US leaders differ on tech competition policy

Comments from experts and tech leaders at 2018's South by Southwest festival were a reminder that Europe's aggressive competition enforcement policies are viewed very differently on either side of the Atlantic.

China to Put Media Under Cabinet-Level Control, Abolish SAPPRFT

China is to abolish the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) and is expected to set up a new media body answerable to the Cabinet, further tightening the Communist government’s control of media and enter

Meet the FCC's 5G crusader

A Q&A with Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr of the Federal Communications Commission.

President Trump Orders Broadcom to Cease Attempt to Buy Qualcomm

President Donald Trump blocked Broadcom's $117 billion hostile bid for Qualcomm, capping a remarkable series of moves by the Trump administration reflecting officials’ concerns about an intensifying arms race between the US and China over advanced

Justice Department Alleges AT&T, Comcast Will Together Withhold Content From Digital Rivals

As the US government gets set to fight AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner in a DC federal court, the Department of Justice March 9 submitted a trial brief that sharpens its theories on why the $85 billion merger deserves to be blocked.

Can’t Washington protect Americans from propaganda on social media?

The past two years have taught us that the United States needs a better handle on what social networks are doing to manipulate and prioritize information.

Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet

Reddit is made up of more than a million individual communities, or subreddits, some of which have three subscribers, some twenty million.