Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

Tweaking a global source of news

[Commentary] Internet intermediaries are increasingly playing the role that publishers and editors once played.

The Facebook Armageddon

As bad as scraping for advertising revenue might be, there’s another way the Facebook threat could actually get worse: Instead of continuing to be a primary platform for news companies and trying to strike relationships with them, the company coul

DOJ: Trump’s dislike of CNN didn’t bias AT&T-Time Warner merger

The Justice Department (DOJ) acknowledged that while President Donald Trump doesn’t like CNN, his unhappiness with the media outlet did not influence a federal antitrust case. “The president is unhappy with CNN.

AT&T demands Trump administration logs in court battle over Time Warner deal

AT&T is demanding that the Justice Department hand over additional evidence to prove that President Donald Trump did not wield political influence over the agency as its antitrust enforcers reviewed the company's bid to acquire Time Warner. DO

Charter fails to defeat lawsuit alleging false Internet speed promises

Charter Communications cannot use the federal network neutrality repeal to avoid a lawsuit over slow Internet speeds in New York, the state's Supreme Court ruled.

Fear itself

[Commentary]  President Donald Trump’s derision hasn’t just seeped into the public consciousness; it’s worked its way into journalists’ bloodstreams, too.

The non-starter

[Commentary] Race remains a no-go topic for much of the media—which will have serious consequences for the press.

Instagram submits to Russia censor's demands

Instagram has blocked posts in Russia relating to corruption claims made by the country's most prominent opposition leader. It follows a demand by the country's internet censor that the Facebook-owned service restrict access to posts on its platfo

Facebook loses Belgian privacy case, faces fine up to $125 million

A Belgian court threatened Facebook with a fine of up to 100 million euros ($125 million) if it continued to break privacy laws by tracking people on third party websites.  In a case brought by Belgium’s privacy watchdog, the court also ruled on F

Billionaires Gone Wild

[Commentary] This is the dark timeline: Journalism-agnostic media investors learn news can’t “scale” and then jump ship just as soon as they’ve finished killing off both the corporate and independent legacy press businesses, leaving the fate of th