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These four key areas of Trump’s tech policy are top of mind for Silicon Valley CEOs

The technology sector has been on edge, waiting to see if the new administration will make the reforms needed to spur innovation and startup activity, or whether it will make policy changes that end up stifling it.

Lawyers for fired Google programmer ask other employees to come forward

A law firm representing James Damore, who was fired from Google earlier in Aug for writing a controversial internal memo, is asking other former and current employees to come forward with “illegal employment practices” at Google.

President Trump’s business advisory councils disband as CEOs abandon president over Charlottesville views

President Donald Trump’s relationship with the American business community suffered a major setback Aug 16 as the president was forced to shut down his major business advisory councils after corporate leaders repudiated his comments on the violenc

Judge says LinkedIn can't block startup from user’s public data

A federal district court judge on Aug 14 said that LinkedIn cannot block a startup company from accessing users' public profile data.

Tech is at war with the world

America's largely romantic view of its giant tech companies — Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. —is turning abruptly into harsh scrutiny.

Why I Was Fired by Google

[Commentary] I was fired by Google Aug 7 for a document that I wrote and circulated internally raising questions about cultural taboos and how they cloud our thinking about gender diversity at the company and in the wider tech sector.

These frightening new survey results describe a Congress in crisis

Even if members of Congress truly want to translate their current pique at institutional dysfunction into genuine deliberation, into a process of “regular order” where committees develop legislation, where would they begin?

US officials mull taking harder line against China's demands for technology transfers

Apparently, President Donald Trump's administration is considering using rarely invoked US trade laws to fend off China's demands that foreign companies share their technology in return for access to the country's vast market.

Verizon says pole attachment reforms should not be tied to union agreements

Verizon is taking a different view on the one-touch make-ready (OTMR) proposals being considered by the Federal Communications Commission, saying that any new rules should not be driven by the labor agreements carriers have with unions like the Co

President Trump, electronics manufacturer Foxconn announce new Wisconsin plant

President Donald Trump announced that the electronics manufacturer Foxconn will be building a new US plant in Wisconsin to produce LCD screens.