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How sharing economy regulatory models could resolve the need for Title II net neutrality

[Commentary] Sharing economy companies have had no shortage of regulatory battles, but companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit are innovating and improving regulation by incorporating the very trust created through their platforms.

President Trump vows to cut 'job-killing' regulations on tech industry

President Donald Trump vowed to cut back on "job-killing" regulations on the tech industry in a meeting with business executives.

CenturyLink Is Accused of Running a Wells Fargo-Like Scheme

A former CenturyLink employee claims she was fired for blowing the whistle on the telecommunications company's high-pressure sales culture that left customers paying millions of dollars for accounts they didn't request, according to a lawsuit file

A labor movement is brewing within the tech industry

As Silicon Valley is increasingly bifurcated into haves and have-nots, labor rights activists are becoming more vocal about the need for these tech companies to “make the world a better place” for the tens of thousands of low-wage contract laborer

“Regulatory Revival” and Employment in Telecommunications

Empirical research demonstrates that the Obama Administration’s aggressive regulatory agenda at the Federal Communications Commission reduced investment in the telecommunications sector between $20 and $40 billion annually, robbing the nation of a

When Trump got elected, TV writers found new purpose

After the election of Donald Trump, "House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon had to dramatically shift his view of what the future looked like in his next work fiction.

Millennials Stand to Lose if the Feds Control the Internet

[Commentary] Since assuming leadership of the Federal Communications Commission earlier in 2017, Ajit Pai has been working to roll back the stifling Obama-era rules to return the power of the internet back to consumers and the public.

Communications Workers of America Calls for $100B Broadband Infrastructure Investment

With President Donald Trump emphasizing his infrastructure revamp proposal, the Communications Workers of America wants Congress to emphasize broadband investment in any plan it approves.

What dismantling net neutrality means for small and mid-sized businesses

[Commentary] Few think about the implications of network neutrality outside of affecting the speed at which one can browse the internet; however, it also influences what you can watch and the online content you can view.

The latest NSA leak is a reminder that your bosses can see your every move

It took just days for authorities to arrest and charge a federal contractor with leaking classified intelligence to the media.