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Women and Minorities See Significant Gains as First-Time TV Directors

Women and minorities have seen significant gains among first-time directors in episodic television, a new study from the Directors Guild of America shows.

White House announces new tech jobs initiative

The White House will put at least $200 million in grant funding towards bolstering STEM and Computer Science education “particularly among historically underserved groups,” the administration announced.

Boxed In 2016-17: Women On Screen and Behind the Scenes in Television

For the last 20 years, Boxed In has tracked women’s representation in prime-time television. The project provides the most comprehensive historical record of women’s onscreen portrayals and behind-the-scenes employment available.

AT&T workers in contract dispute to protest at iPhone launch

AT&T workers are planning a demonstration outside Apple headquarters on Sept 12 during the highly anticipated iPhone 8 launch to draw attention to their ongoing contract dispute.

Silicon Valley’s Politics: Liberal, With One Big Exception

[Commentary] A politically awakened Silicon Valley, buttressed by the tech industry’s growing economic power, could potentially alter politics long after President Trump has left the scene.

Feds Promised to Protect Dreamer Data. Now What?

When the Obama administration was designing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), privacy was a chief concern for immigration advocates, who worried about having undocumented immigrants identify themselves to the government.

Microsoft says it will defend its 39 ‘dreamers’ in court if the government tries to deport them

After the Trump Administration announced that it would begin to unwind an Obama-era program that shields younger undocumented immigrants from deportation, Microsoft vowed to defend its workers in court.

Unions Unite Against Sinclair/Tribune

Various unions have lined up against the Sinclair/Tribune merger, concerned, among other things, that the meld's synergies will mean job losses.

Silicon Valley to President Trump: 'Dreamers are vital'

The tech industry's top CEOs are demanding President Trump and Congress continue a program that protects young undocumented immigrants from being deported.

Mapping the Public Interest Technology Landscape

So how, exactly, do we define “public interest technology”? Depending on context and conversation, the phrase can refer to a field, a profession, a methodology, a solution, or an aspiration. In turn, each of those has its own definition.