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President Trump, electronics manufacturer Foxconn announce new Wisconsin plant

President Donald Trump announced that the electronics manufacturer Foxconn will be building a new US plant in Wisconsin to produce LCD screens.

Bipartisan Bill Seeks Royalties for Pre-1972 Musical Works

A bipartisan bill has been introduced to establish copyright protections for performances of pre-1972 musical works.

Google's confidentiality rules discourage whistleblowers, US labor official warns

The US Department of Labor has raised concerns that Google’s strict confidentiality agreements have discouraged employees from speaking to the government about discrimination as part of a high-profile wage inequality investigation.

Google Fiber Loses Chief Executive Officer After Five Months

Alphabet’s high-speed internet business is undergoing another shake-up as its leader, Gregory McCray, is stepping down. The company is looking for a replacement.

The Scary Reason Companies Like Verizon Keep Blowing Your Digital Privacy

The Verizon debacle joins a lengthy list of incidents where companies and government agencies have accidentally published people’s confidential information, a problem that experts say may be getting harder to fix as more companies their storage to

Why Marsha Blackburn is wrong on net neutrality

[Commentary] House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has tried to argue that ending network neutrality is good for Nashville’s musicians, but she’s flat wrong.

YouTube stars urge FCC to save net neutrality

A group of more than 100 YouTube stars is calling on the Federal Communications Commission to preserve its network neutrality rules, which are currently in the process of being repealed.

Assessing the Impact of Removing Regulatory Barriers on Next Generation Wireless and Wireline Broadband Infrastructure Investment

This study evaluates the estimated impact of the Federal Communications Commission’s recent efforts to remove barriers to investment into next-generation wireless and wireline broadband networks, and thereby to accelerate the transition from legac

New York Times staff to stage protest over job cuts

Editorial staffers at The New York Times will stage a walk-out from the newsroom on June 29 to protest potential layoffs and staff reductions, according to an announcement from their union.

If you weren't raised in the Internet age, you may need to worry about workplace age discrimination

In job ads, some employers have begun listing “digital native” as a requirement for the position. The term, many say, is a “code word” for young workers who have grown up with technology and will be able to use new systems with ease.