Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Senators Send Letter to FCC Chairman Pai Raising Concerns Over Proposed Rule That Could Harm Rural Americans Who Depend on Landline Service

A group of Democratic senators sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai raising concerns about a proposed rule that could harm rural consumers by undermining existing protections for landline service.The Accelerating Wi

Don't Fall for AT&T's Billion-Dollar Swindle

AT&T is promising to spend an additional billion dollars in 2018 if Congress slashes its tax bill for the next 10 years or more, and the company isn’t making any promises beyond that.

NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer Issues Request for Information on Citywide Broadband Deployment

The City of New York's Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer released a Request for Information (RFI) to gather input from industry experts to inform the City's implementation plan for universal broadband.

Diller: Net Neutrality Is Essentially Unassailable

Barry Diller, chairman of edge provider IAC (, The Daily Beast, and Angie's List, among many others) told CNBC he doesn't care what the Federal Communications Commission does or doesn't do about network neutrality because he doesn't think t

Critics Eviscerate FCC Lifeline Proposal

The National Grange, which advocates for rural and agricultural interests, has joined with Consumer Action and the former chair of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Utility commission to oppose Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal t

FCC’s latest gift to telcos could leave Americans with worse Internet access

The Federal Communications Commission will vote Nov 16 on a plan that, according to Chairman Ajit Pai, will strip away regulations that prevent telcos from upgrading their networks.

After Russian meddling, Google and Facebook shift their stance on a crucial issue for voters

Facebook and Google told federal election officials they are open to greater oversight over the lucrative business of online political advertising, a shift for the tech giants who acknowledged recently that their ad platforms were exploited by Rus

The rumors of Google Fiber’s death have been greatly exaggerated

[Commentary] Few stories in tech have been more breathlessly hyped on the way up and gleefully eulogized on the way down than Google Fiber.

Facebook safe from massive privacy lawsuit for now

A senior adviser for the European Union's top court told an Austrian privacy activist that he can't sue Facebook on behalf of 25,000 people.

IAC's Barry Diller: Comcast is the 'most perfectly positioned ' company in media now

"Of all those companies, Comcast is the most perfectly positioned because they are really on the distribution side in a significant way, and they're on the production side also in a significant way," said Barry Diller at the Internet Association's