Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Will FCC Broadband Progress Report Count Wireless-Only Areas As “Served”?

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking input on how it should gauge whether broadband is being deployed in a timely manner — a determination the commission makes annually in the FCC Broadband Progress Report.

Net Neutrality Backers Vow to Push FCC Despite Short Comment Extension

Though they received only a two-week extension to a deadline for public comments on proposed changes to network neutrality rules, rather than the eight weeks they had sought, net neutrality proponents say they remain focused on making sure the Fed

Tech firm is fighting a federal order for data on visitors to an anti-Trump website

A Los Angeles-based tech company is resisting a federal demand for more than 1.3 million IP addresses to identify visitors to a website set up to coordinate protests on Inauguration Day — a request whose breadth the company says violates the Const

What the United States can do to protect Internet freedom around the world

[Commentary] Today, US technology companies adhere to a wide array of requirements from repressive governments that undermine Internet freedom and privacy. These demands violate international law, including the right to freedom of expression.

A Further Review of the Internet Association's Empirical Study on Network Neutrality and Investment

In a recent perspective, I reviewed a report authored by Dr. Christopher Hooton of the Internet Association on the impact of Net Neutrality regulation on broadband infrastructure investment.

Congress starts work on net neutrality — but does it understand the issue?

[Commentary] The proposed witness list for a September network neutrality hearing at the House Commerce Committee betrays a dismaying ignorance about why net neutrality is an issue.

Facebook’s Onavo Gives Social-Media Firm Inside Peek at Rivals’ Users

Months before social-media company Snap publicly disclosed slowing user growth, rival Facebook already knew.

FCC Extends Restoring Internet Freedom Reply Deadline to Aug. 30

By this Order, the Federal Communications Commission extends the deadline for filing reply comments in response to the Restoring Internet Freedom Notice of Proposed Rulemaking until August 30, 2017.

Rebutting Myths About UTOPIA and Fiber Networks

[Commentary] Many business models have been disrupted by the internet. The next incumbent industry being challenged includes the old-style cable and telecom companies.

TV and Internet Bundles: A Case Study

With few alternatives, many households are choosing to simply cancel the services they need. A 2015 study found that 15% of American adults had abandoned their paid cable or satellite television service.