Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Amazon, Kickstarter, Reddit and Mozilla are staging a net neutrality online protest July 12

Some of the Internet's biggest names are banding together for a “day of action” to oppose the Federal Communications Commission, which is working to undo network neutrality regulations for Internet providers that it passed during the Obama Adminis

The End of Net Neutrality Could Shackle the Internet of Things

Network neutrality doesn’t just cover streaming video. It also ensures that you can use the devices that you want.

USTelecom and its Aftermath

As detailed in this BULLETIN, a proper implementation of Title II precluded the Federal Communications Commission’s approach, forcing the Agency to ignore the “vast majority of rules adopted under Title II” and “tailor[] [Title II] for the 21st Ce

The new FCC can only do so much; keeping the internet free requires legislation

[Commentary] What America needs is clear, consistent, and sustainable internet policy. That can only come through legislation. We need a diligent rewriting of the 21-year-old act that guides telecommunication and internet policy.

Rivada fights on, aims to provide states with alternative to AT&T’s FirstNet

Rivada Networks might have lost the FirstNet contract to AT&T, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still in the game.

Public policy can improve older adults’ access to technology

Public policies are critical in narrowing the digital divide for older adults and ensuring more accessible broadband access.

Broadband Myth Series, Part 1: What Financial Data Shows About the Impact of Title II on ISP Investment

[Commentary] This post kicks of a series of blogs examining some of the more pernicious myths and misunderstandings in telecommunications policy.

Free Press Demands the Trump FCC Explain Its Recent First Amendment Violations

Free Press and Free Press Action Fund sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission’s general counsel calling on the agency to address its crackdowns against First Amendment freedoms during recent FCC meetings.

FCC's Open Internet Docket Explodes

The Federal Communications Commission's open internet docket, dubbed "Restoring Internet Freedom," has seen a huge wave of comments—or at least a major update of the number posted—since June 2, with over 4.9 million posted, up about 2 million from

Week ahead: New GOP push on internet privacy

Lawmakers could be looking at a new fight over internet privacy, as they return to Washington after their weeklong Memorial Day recess.