Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

First lady Melania Trump warns of ‘destructive and harmful’ side of social media

As her husband continued to rip into his adversaries on Twitter, first lady Melania Trump warned that social media can be used in a “destructive and harmful” manner during remarks at a conference on preventing cyberbullying.

How China rules using data, AI, and internet surveillance

How do you effectively govern a country that’s home to one in five people on the planet, with an increasingly complex economy and society, if you don’t allow public debate, civil activism, and electoral feedback? Hu Jintao, China’s leader from 200

President Trump’s war on ‘fake news’ could actually make the mainstream media stronger

[Commentary] Nothing immediately changed as a result of the decision by hundreds of newspapers across the country to run simultaneous, but independent, editorials defending freedom of the press and deploring President Donald Trump’s identification

Google refused an order to release huge amounts of data. Will other companies bow under pressure?

In 2018, a federal judge signed a search warrant for a windfall of private information to help find the robber responsible for a string of crimes in southern Maine.

President Trump Accuses Social Media Firms of Discrimination Against Conservatives

President Trump said that conservative voices were being unfairly censored on social media, hinting that he might intervene if his allies’ accounts continued to be shut down.

FCC Won't Extend Broadband Competition Comment Deadline

The Federal Communications Commission has provided a five-business-day extension for comments and reply comments on its Fourteenth Broadband Deployment report, but denied requests for a longer extension and for any extension on its request for com

Corporate concentration threatens American democracy

[Commentary] Corporate concentration in the United States is not only increasing inequality but also undermining competition and consumers’ standard of living.

Internet Association Weighs In On President Trump's Twitter Blocks

Tech companies appear to be concerned that they might face some unintended consequences as a result of a battle over whether President Donald Trump violates the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter.

Fake America Great Again: Inside the Race to Catch Real Fakes Using AI

Photo fakery is far from new, but artificial intelligence will completely change the game. Until recently only a big-budget movie studio could carry out a video face-swap, and it would probably have cost millions of dollars.

Senate unanimously adopts resolution declaring "the press is not the enemy of the people"

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution affirming that "the press is not the enemy of the people":