Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Rep Swalwell (D-CA) Introduces the Journalist Protection Act

Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees, introduced the Journalist Protection Act to make a federal crime of certain attacks on those reporting the news.

The White House has finally restored a petitions site that is critical of President Trump

In December 2017, the White House took down the popular “We the People” petitions website with the promise that it would be restored by “late January.” Now has relaunched.

Paper FCC Record: Why in the World?

The practice of printing hard-copies of the “FCC Record” should be eliminated. To be crystal clear, I am not suggesting that we keep its contents or information from the public.  On the contrary, I suggest that it makes little sense to co

Rep Will Hurd: Why I voted to release the Nunes memo

[Commentary] I voted to release the Nunes memo because I believe that the duty to inform the American public is one of my biggest responsibilities as an elected representative in our democratic republic. This is in accordance with the Legislative

Cyclist Protests Net Neutrality by 'Throttling' Traffic Outside the FCC Headquarters

Disrupting traffic has long been a way for protesters to call attention to a cause. But when the cause itself is speed—in this case, Internet speed—the move takes on an extra level of defiance.

Nunes memo centers on a 40-year-old law written to prevent surveillance abuses

At the center of the firestorm over a congressional memo that President Trump and his allies say reveals federal authorities’ missteps is a 40-year-old law passed in the wake of explosive domestic spying scandals. The Foreign Intelligence Surveill

As Strongmen Steamroll Their Opponents, US Is Silent

Across the world, autocratic leaders are engaging in increasingly brazen behavior — rigging votes, muzzling the press and persecuting opponents — as they dispense with even a fig leaf of democratic practice once offered to placate the United State

Judge should order MO Gov to stop using ephemeral messaging app, lawyers say

Two Missouri lawyers have sued the Missouri governor’s office over its use of Confide, an ephemeral messaging mobile app, which they say is in violation of state public records law.

President Trump says his State of the Union viewership was the highest ever. The ratings say otherwise.

President Donald Trump boasted that the viewership of his State of the Union speech was “the highest number in history” — a claim at odds with ratings figures released the day before. In a Feb 1 tweet, President Trump said, "Thank you for all of t