Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Statement from the White House Communications Director to the Opposition Media

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled Be Best, her initiative meant to support children and the many issues they are facing today.

Lawmakers Request Special Counsel Investigate FCC Commissioners' CPAC Appearance

House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr.

Tech Giants Feel the Squeeze as Xi Jinping Tightens His Grip

For the last decade or so, China has defied the truism that only free and open societies can innovate.

Trump Campaign Launches ‘Media Accountability Survey': ‘Do You Trust CNN?’

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee launched a “mainstream media accountability survey” into inboxes around the country.

Former-Senator Al Franken blasts Facebook, election meddling in first speech since resignation

Al Franken returned to the spotlight to deliver a blistering rebuke of tech companies, specifically Facebook, over abuse of users privacy data while speaking at a cybersecurity conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

We need more, not fewer, government Yelps

[Commentary] Criticism of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acting director Mick Mulvaney’s recent comments to a banking group has largely focused on his advocating a pay-to-play system for interest groups to access government officials.

Special Counsel: FCC Commissioner O'Rielly Violated Hatch Act

The US Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has wrapped up its investigation of Federal Communications Commissioner Michael O'Rielly's statements at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb.

Sens Klobuchar, Wicker Bipartisan Bill to Promote Precision Agriculture, Rural Broadband Passes Senate Commerce Committee

Sens Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Roger Wicker (R-MS) announced the passage of their legislation, the Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act of 2018, by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The bill would direct the Federal Co

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The public deserves a voice in the decisions we make as a democracy, including the regulations that govern our economy, foster competitive markets, and protect individual rights. In recent decades, the public comment process for agency decision-making has been the principal way in which government agencies understand and reflect the view of not only experts but average citizens whose lives will be affected by these choices. In order to participate meaningfully in decisions, citizens also need access to information about the agency and the data it has collected.