Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Microsoft Lays Out Cross-Border Data Access Principles

Microsoft is calling on governments to follow a set of principles for cross-border data access policies, including independent judicial review and dispute resolution mechanisms. Microsoft’s Sept.

FCC Chairman Pai Sketches Out Timeline for Fighting Fake Comments

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai provided details to Congress on the commission’s effort to overhaul its much-maligned online commenting system.

The NFL’s Other Problem: Fake Fans Lobbying for the Blackout

“I write as a football fan,” read the letter to the Federal Communications Commission, “to strongly urge you to maintain the FCC’s current broadcast rules.” There may have been thousands of bogus, identically worded letters generated on the Nation

The House is Shuttling Through Tech and Cyber Bills but the Senate's Behind

The House passed a slew of tech and cyber bills the week of Sept 3, ranging from imposing automatic sanctions on foreign hackers to creating a new chief data officer position at the Homeland Security Department.

President Trump: Justice Department should investigate anonymous op-ed author

President Donald Trump called for the Justice Department to investigate the anonymous author of an op-ed depicting a “resistance” inside the government and said he is considering taking legal action against the New York Times for publishing it.

IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage to Develop Technology That Lets Police Search By Skin Color

In the decade after the 9/11 attacks, the New York City Police Department moved to put millions of New Yorkers under constant watch.

President Trump hits the 'deep state,' the 'left' and the media in wake of anonymous op-ed

President Donald Trump lashed out at a host of familiar targets early Sept 6 as he grapples with the fallout of a New York Times op-ed in which an anonymous senior administration official wrote that some White House staffers have conspired to push


Federal Communications Commission

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 09:00 to Fri, 10/05/2018 - 17:00

The FCC's Intergovernmental Advisory Committee is composed of state, local and Tribal officials. The IAC provides guidance, expertise, and recommendations to specific requests from the FCC on a range of issues affecting local, state, and Tribal governments that are within the jurisdiction of the FCC.

Trump's use of Google, Facebook questioned

As President Donald Trump increasingly criticizes social media companies and Google’s treatment of him, former aides said they never saw him use many of the websites he vilifies.

Twitter says President Trump not immune from getting kicked off

Twitter said that not even President Donald Trump is immune from being kicked off the platform if his tweets cross a line with abusive behavior.