Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Chairman Greg Walden op-ed: House committee seeks input from tech CEOs

[Commentary] It is clear the questions surrounding online consumer protection and data privacy go well beyond Facebook. My committee and the American people need to hear directly from the major players in the tech industry.

White House leakers leak about leaking

White House leaks come in all shapes and sizes: small leaks, real-time leaks, weaponized leaks, historical leaks. Sensitive Oval Office conversations have leaked, and so have talks in cabinet meetings and the Situation Room.

President Trump attacks media after reports of Cohen deal with AT&T

"Why doesn’t the Fake News Media state that the Trump Administration’s Anti-Trust Division has been, and is, opposed to the AT&T purchase of Time Warner in a currently ongoing Trial.

Partnerships, Collaboration a Consistent Theme in Illinois

State, county and local governments are working to modernize their information technology systems, but officials in Illinois say they must also update how they communicate with one another.

Why did AT&T pay the same company used to funnel hush money to Stormy Daniels?

Essential Consultants, a shell company owned by Michael Cohen, has no other known employees or directors.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says White House 'committed to a free press'

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Trump administration is “committed to a free press” after the president threatened to strip reporters of their credentials. Sanders said during her daily press briefing that “this is one

Bringing the Public Back In: Can the Comment Process Be Fixed?

[Speech] Something here is not right—and what is wrong is not confined to the Federal Communications Commission. Because fake comments and stolen identities are pouring into proceedings across Washington.

What Did AT&T Want from Michael Cohen?

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, received four payments totaling $200,000 from AT&T between October 2017 and January 2018. Cohen and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson entered Trump Tower eight minutes apart on Jan.

President Trump makes it explicit: Negative coverage of him is fake coverage

The Media Research Center says that 91 percent of network news coverage of President Donald Trump from January through April 2018 was negative.

AT&T made consulting payments to Michael Cohen’s company in 2017

AT&T said it made payments to Essential Consultants LLC, a company created by Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, in 2017 for “insights” into the Administration at a time when the telecommunications giant needed government