FCC Reform

Congress is investigating Federal Communications Commission regulatory procedures to determine if they are being conducted in a fair, open, efficient, and transparent manner. Follow the debate here.

How Commissioner Carr Can Modernize The FCC

[Commentary] Commissioner Carr of the Federal Communications Commission should lead the drive to bring the FCC into the 21st century by adopting necessary and recognized reforms.

Senate Passes Six Technology and Telecommunications Bills

On August 3, the passed the following technology and telecommunications bills:

Net Neutrality Headlines FCC Oversight and Reauthorization Hearing

The House Commerce Committee’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee held a hearing on July 25, 2017.

Bill Reining In Chevron Deference Introduced

In what is being billed as a bicameral effort, a group of Republican Sens and Reps—including Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), have introduced a bill, the Separation of Powers Restoration Act, that takes aim at the Chevron

Hill Democrats Question FCC’s Cybersecurity Protocols

Congressional Democrats are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to review its cybersecurity protocols following a May cyberattack that knocked the agency’s commenting system offline, and ahead of online activism in support of net neut

House Appropriators Move on Trump’s FCC Budget Cut Request

The House Appropriations Committee June 28 released a draft measure that would cut the Federal Communications Commission’s budget to the level sought by the White House.

FCC’s Pai, Clyburn Butt Heads Over Cost Cutting at Senate Budget Hearing

Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai told members of the Senate that the Commission is moving ahead with cost-cutting initiatives that are already on track to save $1.1 million annually.

Ajit Pai: How the US can win the digital future

[Commentary] In order for us to expand prosperity and extend economic opportunity to more Americans, we must remain on the cutting edge.

FCC Chairman Pai Defends FCC Budget Cut

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said the commission can do more with less—102 fewer full-time employees, for example—and his budget reflected that philosophy while still being able to serve the FCC's core mission of protecting

Regulatory ‘Reform’ That Is Anything But

[Commentary] After decades of failed efforts to enact “regulatory reform” bills, Congress appears to be within a few votes of approving reform legislation that would strip Americans of important legal protections, induce regulatory sclerosis and s