Free, over-the-air television and radio; community-based, low-power FM radio stations; public radio and television; and the obligations of licensees to serve the public interest. A key principle of federal communications law is that in exchange for free use of the public airwaves broadcasters agree to take actions to benefit the public. These principles are enshrined in the Radio Act of 1927 and the Communications Act of 1934 in the mandate that "broadcasting serve the public interest, convenience and necessity."

DOJ Requires Divestitures of Radio Stations as Part of Entercom’s Acquisition of CBS Radio

The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division announced that it will require Entercom Communications Corp. to divest 13 radio stations in order for Entercom to proceed with its acquisition of CBS Radio, Inc.

This is not the people’s FCC

Being an amateur radio operator I pay a little more attention to the goings-on at the Federal Communications Commission than the average person might.

FCC Announces Plan to Scrap Ownership Limits

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced this week that the commission will vote in November to eliminate or revise four key rules aimed at preserving media diversity in local markets.

FCC Chairman Pai Delivering Big For Broadcast On Nov 16

[Commentary] Broadcasters have been expecting good things from new Federal Communications Commission chief Ajit Pai. And he didn’t disappoint with the agenda for Nov's FCC meeting. There was good news on two fronts.

An Energetic November

At our November open meeting, we'll be tackling top priorities: curtailing unlawful robocalls, unleashing 5G wireless connectivity, enabling the next generation of broadcast television, speeding infrastructure deployment, and modernizing our media

Senate Democrats Want FCC to Mediate Verizon/Univision Impasse

Democratic Sens have called on Univision and Verizon (with an assist from the Federal Communications Commission) to settle their retransmission consent impasse, which has kept Univision nets off Verizon's FiOS pay-TV and mobile wireless platforms

Bill O’Reilly May Wind Up at Sinclair Broadcasting

Apparently, Bill O'Reilly, the former Fox News anchor, has been negotiating for a position with the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the nation's largest television-station owner.

FCC Eliminates Main Studio Rule

The Federal Communications Commission eliminated the broadcast main studio rule. The Order retains the requirement that stations maintain a local or toll-free telephone number to ensure consumers have ready access to their local stations.

FCC Proposes to Reduce Broadcaster Reporting Requirements

The Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes to update two FCC rules to reduce regulatory burdens for broadcasters.

Verizon Gives FCC Its Side of Univision Impasse

Verizon gave Federal Communications Commisison Chairman Ajit Pai its side of the carriage dispute with Univision that has resulted in those networks being off Verizon pay-TV and wireless platforms.