Free, over-the-air television and radio; community-based, low-power FM radio stations; public radio and television; and the obligations of licensees to serve the public interest. A key principle of federal communications law is that in exchange for free use of the public airwaves broadcasters agree to take actions to benefit the public. These principles are enshrined in the Radio Act of 1927 and the Communications Act of 1934 in the mandate that "broadcasting serve the public interest, convenience and necessity."

NAB, Apple Diverge Over iPhone FM Chip Capability

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai's call for Apple to activate the broadcast chips in iPhones has drawn some pushback from Apple suggesting Pai did not know its phones' capabilities, and a response from broadcasters suggesting Ap

National Association of Broadcasters Asks FCC To Open Its Repack Wallet Wider

Executives from the National Association of Broadcasters met with Federal Communications Commission staffers to ask it to make as much of the $1.75 billion post-incentive auction repack funding available to broadcasters as quickly as possible.

FCC Proposes Fine of Unlicensed Radio Station and Property Owners

The Federal Communications Commission proposed the maximum fine allowable by statute—$144,344—against a so-called “pirate radio” operation in North Miami, Florida.

Ham Radio Hobbyists Are Connecting the Caribbean After Hurricane Maria

Most Puerto Ricans are just trying to reach family members. Few have access to Wi-Fi hotspots or electrical outlets. Sustained winds of 155 mph obliterated 95 percent of Puerto Rico's wireless cell sites, leaving much of the country a deadzone.

Chairman Pai's Response to Reps. Pallone, Doyle and DeGette Regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group

On August 14, 2017, House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr.

Deletion of Agenda Items From September 26, 2017 Open Meeting

The following Agenda items have been adopted by the Commission, and deleted from the list of items scheduled for consideration at the Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Open Meeting and previously listed in the Commission’s Notice of Tuesday, September

FCC Chairman Pai to Lawmakers: Sinclair/Tribune Review Has Been By the Book

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai told House Commerce Committee Democrats that there has been no inappropriate coordination between the Trump White House, Sinclair and the FCC over the Sinclair/Tribune merger -- and that there ha

Sinclair insiders are sounding the alarm about its plans to transform local news

Current and former Sinclair employees, union representatives, and media experts have been speaking out in investigative reports about the damage Sinclair is doing to the public’s trust in local news, from Baltimore to Seattle and most recently in

The Worst Merger Yet

[Commentary] The more people learn about the frenzied Big Media-Wall Street rush to consolidate our communications ecosystem into a playground for monopolists-on-the-make, the more they dislike what they see.