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Media Watchdogs Are Suddenly Worried About Sinclair

[Commentary] The mainstream media has suddenly discovered Sinclair. Oh no! cry the media watchdogs -- this company known formally as Sinclair Broadcast Group has a conservative slant to its newscasts.

Conservative Media Voices Line Up Against Trump-Friendly Sinclair’s Purchase Of Tribune

One America News CEO Charles Herring blasted the Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to relax media ownership rules, a move that could pave the way for Sinclair’s $3.9 billion purchase of Tribune Media and allow the broadcast compa

New conservative media boogeyman: Sinclair

Opposition is coalescing against the $3.9 billion Sinclair-Tribune merger. Among the critics are smaller conservative media outlets.

Concerns, political and commercial, over Sinclair’s dominance of local TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the nation’s largest television broadcaster, is set to expand its reach into nearly three-quarters of American households, a prospect that has elicited concerns both commercial and ideological.

Diverse Groups, Including ACA, Combine to Oppose Sinclair-Tribune

A diverse group of associations, including the American Cable Association, as well as media consolidation opponents and conservative news outlets, are getting together to formally oppose the merger of Sinclair and Tribune, which would result in th

Is Fox Threatened By Sinclair's Reach?

Sinclair Broadcast Group may have federal regulators on its side about a possible mega TV-station-group merger. But its business partners -- and competitors -- may give it a harder time. Cue 21st Century Fox.

How Trump's FCC aided Sinclair's expansion

Sinclair Broadcast Group is expanding its conservative-leaning television empire into nearly three-quarters of American households — but its aggressive takeover of the airwaves wouldn’t have been possible without help from President Donald Trump's

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Center for Digital Democracy to FCC: Don't Weaken Kids Rules

Advocates called Aug 4 on the Federal Communications Commission to reject an effort by major media companies to “eliminate or weaken important rules for children’s television.” The NAB, Internet and Television Association (NCTA), CBS, Disney, Fox,

Sinclair CEO: Fewer Local TV News Teams Would Strengthen Output

If Sinclair Broadcast Group has its way, the local broadcast industry would boil down to two, maybe three, station groups, with one or two of them churning out local content in each market.

Sinclair Broadcasting – and 2 Maine TV stations – under fire for pro-Trump segments

Marc McCutcheon of South Portland was watching WGME’s evening newscast as he has for half a century when something came on that shocked him.