Think the Internet Is Polarized? Just Look at the FCC These Days

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission’s rise from relative obscurity to big headlines corresponds not just with the Trump’s arrival in Washington, but with the ever-greater centrality of the internet to American life, political and ot

Republicans Are Trying to Let Internet Providers Sell Your Data

A set of internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission has become a target for Republicans.

The Sad Way Trump’s War with CNN Could Keep Cable Cheaper

President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly met recently with Time Warner executives to complain about CNN’s coverage of the president.

Google Fiber Sheds Workers As It Looks to a Wireless Future

Google Fiber is getting a lot smaller. Alphabet is sending hundreds of employees at Access—the division that runs the high-speed internet service—to work at other parts of the company. It’s not the end of Fiber, not exactly.

Millions Need the Broadband Program the FCC Just Put on Hold

Internet access is at least as crucial to taking part in the 21st-century US economy as a phone or a car. But one-third of adults have no broadband connection at home.

The Unlimited Data Party Will Last Until the Big Four Become the Big Three

Verizon is finally bringing back unlimited plans. Yes, the plans come with catches. But they’re great news for Verizon customers who want to stream or upload lots of video.

Edward Snowden's New Job: Protecting Reporters from Spies

Nearly four years after his leaks, Edward Snowden has focused the next phase of his career on solving that very specific instance of the panopticon problem: how to protect reporters and the people who feed them informa­tion in an era of eroding pr

Journalism Fights for Survival in the Post-Truth Era

[Commentary] The news media is in trouble. The advertising-driven business model is on the brink of collapse. Trust in the press is at an all-time low. And now those two long-brewing concerns have been joined by an even larger existential crisis.

The Best Way to Quash Fake News? Choke Off Its Ad Money

Moat calls itself the “Nielsen of digital.” It’s a service advertisers use to make sure the right people are seeing and clicking on their ads.

Don’t Gut Net Neutrality. It’s Good for People and Business

While abolishing network neutrality might initially increase profits for telecom and cable companies, long-term, it would harm both internet-focused companies and consumers.