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Do menacing comments about Hillary Clinton cross the First Amendment line?

[Commentary] The 2016 presidential election has been notable for the rhetorical vitriol pervading the campaign, and unfortunately Donald Trump’s suggestion that “Second Amendment people” might be able to offer some sort of corrective to a Hillary

Google Maps did not ‘delete’ Palestine — but it does impact how you see it

Users view Google Maps more than a billion times each week: It’s one of the world’s largest sources of geographic data and the first place many of us turn when we need to locate something.

Why Donald Trump might not debate Hillary Clinton

[Commentary] Hillary Clinton's campaign just threw down the gauntlet, challenging Donald Trump to accept the three presidential debates that have been scheduled.

How the Internet could democratize campaign spending

[Commentary] The prospect of billions of dollars moving opaquely through the Internet and aimed at influencing our votes can sound ominous, especially as the Web is increasingly a tool that Americans use to communicate both personally and politica

How will the Internet change political advertising?

[Commentary] The Internet is rapidly transforming our political campaigns.

Judge criticizes secrecy rules surrounding FBI requests for companies’ data

In a recent ruling, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg for the District of Columbia criticized new rules regarding how long the government can demand secrecy from companies when it requests data on national security cases.

Your Internet privacy shouldn’t be a ‘luxury item,’ FCC Chairman Wheeler says

Should your online privacy depend on whether you've paid your Internet provider a little extra this month? That's one of the key policy questions concerning the future of the Web.

Trump thought he could win through sheer media dominance. In reality, it’s killing him.

[Commentary] One of the most cherished assumptions about this race, one explicitly voiced by Donald Trump and even entertained by some neutral observers: Trump can win through sheer media dominance alone.

The most compelling reason to never talk politics on Facebook

There has never been a worse time to declare your politics publicly, according to a new and nationally representative online poll conducted by the Rad Campaign, Craigconnects and Lincoln Strategies.

Alan Perce, Former Chief Economist at the Federal Communications Commission

Dr Alan Perce died at the family home in Lexington (VA) on July 10, 2016. Perce was born November 10, 1937, in Manchester, England.