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Government alleges massive theft by NSA contractor

Federal prosecutors in Baltimore (MD) said they will charge a former National Security Agency contractor with violating the Espionage Act, alleging that he made off with “an astonishing quantity” of classified digital and other data in what is tho

Men were seen and heard twice as much as women in 2015’s top films

Men were seen and heard about twice as much as women in the 200 highest-grossing films of 2015.

Despite a post-Snowden push for openness, report shows secret laws still abound

The Justice Department has kept classified at least 74 opinions, memos and letters on national security issues, including interrogation, detention and surveillance, the Brennan Center for Justice.

Big Newspaper continues to wield its waning power in opposition to Donald Trump

Once upon a time, a newspaper endorsement for a political candidate was about as good as it got.

McNewspapers are gobbling up small-town America

About 14 years ago, Leonard Downie Jr.

Justice Department asks court to review decision on Microsoft e-mails held in Ireland

The Justice Department asked the full appeals court for the Southern District of New York to review a decision that upheld Microsoft’s refusal to comply with a search warrant for an alleged drug trafficker’s e-mails held in a server in Ireland.

A new digital divide has emerged — and conventional solutions won’t bridge the gap

[Commentary] Though the United States has made profound progress in making Internet access universally available, a new digital divide has emerged that defies conventional solutions.

Sen Thune wanted Donald Trump gone. Now it looks like he’ll vote for him.

On October 8, Sen John Thune (R-SD), the Senate Commerce Committee Chairman, was the highest-ranking Republican to call for Donald Trump to quit the presidential race. On Oct 11, Sen Thune said he'll probably vote for him.

We’re finally starting to see what Trump’s stance on tech might look like

Trump's transition team has tapped Jeffrey Eisenach, a visiting scholar at the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute, for advice on tech and telecom policy.

Facebook is talking to the White House about giving you ‘free’ Internet. Here’s why that may be controversial.

Apparently, Facebook has been in talks for months with US government officials and wireless carriers with an eye toward unveiling an American version of an app that has caused controversy abroad.