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How conservative TV could change after Election Day

Donald Trump continued to feed speculation that he will start a television network after Election Day by debuting a nightly webcast on his Facebook page.

The lap dogs of democracy who didn’t bark at Trump

[Commentary] In an ordinary presidential campaign, press neutrality is essential.

On freedom of the press, Donald Trump wants to make America like England again

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is all about American greatness — unless the subject is freedom of the press, in which case the Republican nominee thinks England is much more tremendous than the United States.

How the AT&T-Time Warner deal could escape deeper regulatory scrutiny

AT&T's $85.4 billion purchase of one of America's top media conglomerates could radically reshape the digital economy, making the deal's next step — regulatory review — hugely important to the way consumers access their media.

AT&T’s Time Warner deal looks like bad news for Verizon

AT&T's $85.4 billion megadeal to acquire Time Warner is an unprecedented bid to diversify the telecom giant as network operators nationwide scramble to marry their communications pipes with exclusive content.

Cyberattack that disrupted access to major websites is under investigation

Tens of millions of IP addresses were used to take down popular websites like Twitter and Netflix as part of a massive cyberattack on Oct 21.

AT&T could soon own HBO, CNN and a huge list of other household names

On Oct 20, Bloomberg reported that AT&T is in “informal” talks to buy the media and entertainment giant Time Warner.

Rep Duncan Hunter raises concern over potential use of Russian satellites for troops’ Internet service

In a letter to the Pentagon Oct 21, Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) said he was concerned a contract to provide Internet service to deployed soldiers could allow the use of Russian satellites, jeopardizing troops’ privacy and security.

When young people get involved in online communities, it leads them toward politics

[Commentary] We analyzed data from the Youth Participatory Politics (YPP) Survey, which we collected in partnership with political scientist Cathy Cohen and her team at the University of Chicago. Here's what we found:

DOS Attack Causes Twitter, Spotify, and Other Major Services To Be Down

Someone attacked a key part of the Internet's infrastructure the morning of Oct 21, causing some major services such as Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb to be inaccessible for some users.