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Twitter explains why it won’t block ‘world leaders’ — without naming President Trump

Some Twitter users have called, repeatedly, for the social network to block President Donald Trump's account — but a new statement from Twitter essentially says that is not going to happen.

President Trump lawyer seeks to block insider book on White House

A lawyer representing President Donald Trump sought to stop the publication of a new behind-the-scenes book about the White House that has already led President Trump to angrily decry his former chief strategist Stephen K.

The 3 loopholes that keep President Trump’s tweets on Twitter

In recent months, Twitter has started to explain why it disagrees with calls for banning President Donald Trump’s account or deleting some of his tweets. 

You may not know much about the companies exposing your personal information. But they know a lot about you.

Here's a fun question to pose at the family dinner table: have you ever heard of Alteryx? Whether you have or not, chances are good that it has heard of you.