Washington Post

The real danger behind the ‘McCutcheon’ ruling

[Commentary] There is more than one way to demolish a wall, physical or legal. When it comes to undermining the structure of modern campaign finance law, Chief Justice John Roberts has done it both ways.

In a prying world, news organizations are struggling to encrypt their online products

The old-fashioned newspaper, long maligned for its stodginess and sagging profits, has one advantage over high-tech alternatives: You read it. It never reads you.

The biggest issue in government that no one talks about

While Silicon Valley start-ups reinvent the world, most government agencies can only dream of being innovators.

What House lawmakers still don’t get about control of the Internet

America is the reason why everyone thinks the Internet is awesome and, more important, it's why Russia and China haven't already taken over the Web and foisted their draconian rules on the rest of us.

Why so many want Aereo to beat broadcasters in the Supreme Court

Precious little is known about Aereo, the online video startup that doesn't say how many subscribers it has in its select number of markets.

Why Amazon wants to rule your television

Where's the next major battleground for technology companies?

Companies e-mail sensitive data to law enforcement

There’s a lack of rules governing the secure handling of law enforcement orders for data, industry experts say.

How a deal with Comcast could force Apple to cede tight control over its products

Apple is said to be seeking a dedicated fast-lane for its streaming product over Comcast's broadband pipes.

Tor usage in Turkey surges during Twitter ban

Since Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan implemented a ban on Twitter, Tor usage in the country has surged -- with connections nearly doubling from around 25,000 direct connects in the country to over 40,000, according the anonymous brows

Why do governments keep banning social media when it never works out for them?

[Commentary] You'd think world leaders would know better. Shut down the Internet (or some services that it hosts), and the users will come after you.