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Facebook wants its users to drive out fake news. Here’s the problem with that.

[Commentary] Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that Facebook plans to ask its community to help rate news producers’ credibility.

President Trump says his State of the Union viewership was the highest ever. The ratings say otherwise.

President Donald Trump boasted that the viewership of his State of the Union speech was “the highest number in history” — a claim at odds with ratings figures released the day before. In a Feb 1 tweet, President Trump said, "Thank you for all of t

Who cares if President Trump misleads the media? Apparently Mueller does.

It was reported that special counsel Robert Mueller's team is interested in President Donald Trump's role in drafting a misleading statement to the New York Times in the summer, about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that involved Donald Trump J

The White House promised to restore a petitions site that was critical of President Trump. It hasn’t.

The White House took down the popular “We The People” petitions website, started by Barack Obama’s administration, in December, with the promise that the site would be restored by “late January.” As of 3 p.m. on Jan.

If governments can’t make nice on the Internet, they’ll endanger all of us

[Commentary] The battle over net neutrality is rightfully capturing headlines in Washington and worldwide.