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Why Dyn just bought global-Internet-monitoring firm Renesys

When something goes wrong on the Internet, monitoring firm Renesys is watching.

Reining in the surveillance state

[Commentary] Sen Rand Paul’s (R-KY) strong libertarian principles have always differentiated him from many of his Republican colleagues.

Marc Andreessen: Tech companies are still fuming over the NSA

Almost a year after he released a flurry of documents showing the National Security Agency was collecting data on everyone from foreign leaders to US citizens, Edward Snowden is still the predominant Washington story in the minds of tech executive

In Wi-Fi, Comcast sees an opportunity to kneecap wireless providers

In what seems certain to become a wider battle, Comcast is eyeing the wireless industry as a possible market for expansion.

How an AT&T-DirecTV deal might affect your monthly bill

[Commentary] What does the AT&T/DirecTV deal mean for consumers? Details are still rolling in, but here is what we know so far. First, be on the lookout for price increases.

Chinese military unit charged with cyber-espionage against US firms

The Justice Department accused five members of the Chinese military of conducting economic cyber-espionage against American companies, marking the first time that the United States has leveled such criminal charges against a foreign country.

Why the death of net neutrality would be a disaster for libraries

Q&A with to Lynne Bradley, the director of government relations at the American Library Association's Washington office.

The morning after: What do we do about net neutrality now?

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission just agreed to consider a set of proposed rules that would tacitly allow Internet providers to speed up some types of Web traffic at the expense of other types.

George Takei’s take on net neutrality, Edward Snowden and the future of ‘Star Trek’

Q&A with George Takei, famous for playing Captain Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek," now host for the award-winning Web series "Takei's Take," a show underwritten by AARP meant to help introduce technology to seniors, youngsters and everyone in betwe

There’s nothing neutral about the FCC’s partisan politics

The Federal Communications Commission split along partisan lines in its vote on net neutrality rules: All three Democrats voted for the proposal, while the two Republicans opposed it.