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Distrust of the media is an excuse to disbelieve Roy Moore’s accusers

[Commentary] Some supporters of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore have come right out and said they do not believe four women who claim the Alabama Republican pursued them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

The Internet isn’t saving local news. Here’s how that’s hurting democracy.

[Commentary] Much has been written about the challenges facing the news business in the Internet and social media age.

The Supreme Court’s next (cautious, careful) move into the digital age

A new era of cutting-age technology begins Nov 13 at the United States Supreme Court, as the public for the first time will be able to access briefs and other case documents on the court’s website. Unimpressed?

Missouri launches investigation into Google’s handling of consumer data

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has launched an investigation into whether Google has mishandled private customer data and manipulated its search results to favor its own products and stifle competitors.

President Trump said he ‘didn’t make that decision’ to potentially force AT&T and Time Warner to sell CNN

President Donald Trump appeared to stress that he had not intervened in AT&T’s bid to buy Time Warner — nor did he seek to require that the companies sell CNN in order to obtain the US government’s approval of the deal.

The arguments behind DOJ’s looming lawsuit with AT&T

As the Justice Department prepares for a legal showdown with AT&T over its $85 billion bid for Time Warner, analysts are debating whether the acquisition has potential harms for consumers and business competition that could sink the deal in co